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Plumbing Book 1 For the Level 3 Apprenticeship (9189), Level 2 Technical Certificate (8202), Level 2 Diploma (6035) & T Level Occupational Specialisms (8710) 2nd Edition 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: The City & Guilds
Authors: Stephen Lane, Peter Tanner
Place of Publication: United Kingdom
Pages: 596
Edition: 2022
Language: English
Size: 31 Mb


About your qualification v
Acknowledgements vii
Picture credits viii
How to use this book x
1 Health and safety practices and systems 1
Health, safety and welfare legislation and regulation 1
Recognising and responding to hazardous situations at work 16
Personal protection 26
Responding to accidents 33
Electrical safety in the workplace 40
Working safely with heat-producing equipment 47
Working safely with access equipment 54
Working safely in excavations and confined spaces 63
2 Common processes and techniques 69
Using hand and power tools 69
Types of pipework, bending and jointing techniques 80
Preparation techniques 103
Using pipe clips and pipe brackets 109
Pipework installation techniques 114
3 Scientific principles 127
Units of measurement used in the plumbing and heating industry: the SI system 127
The properties of materials 129
The relationship between energy, heat and power 144
The principles of force and pressure, and their application in the plumbing and heating industry 151
The mechanical principles in the plumbing and heating industry 155
The principles of electricity in the plumbing and heating industry 160
4 Planning and supervision 164
The role of the construction team within the plumbing and heating industry 1 64
Information sources in the building services industry 172
Communicating with others 177
The responsibilities of relevant people in the building services industry 181
Work programmes in the plumbing and heating industry 184
Risk assessments and method statements for the plumbing and heating industry 189
5 Cold water systems 201
Sources and properties of water 201
The types of water supply to dwellings 206
The water treatment process and distribution of water 208
Sources of information relating to cold water systems 212
The water service pipework to dwellings 214
Selecting cold water systems 217
The system layout features of cold water systems fed from private water supplies 223
The components used in boosted (pumped) cold water supply systems from private sources for single-occupancy dwellings 225
The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 240
Backflow protection 240
Installing cold water systems and components 256
Replacing or repairing defective components: planned and unplanned maintenance 273
Decommissioning of systems 280
6 Hot water systems 285
Sources of information relating to work on hot water systems 285
Hot water systems and components 294
System safety and efficiency 337
Prepare for the installation of systems and components 340
Install and test systems and components 341
Decommission systems and components 354
Replace defective components 355
7 Central heating systems 361
Understand central heating systems and their layouts 361
Install central heating systems and components 424
Understand the decommissioning requirements of central heating systems and their components 431
8 Rainwater systems 436
Understand layouts of gravity rainwater systems 436
Installation of gravity rainwater systems 446
The maintenance and service requirements of gravity rainwater systems 453
Decommission rainwater and gutter systems and components 456
Perform a soundness test, and commission rainwater and gutter systems and components 457
9 Sanitation systems 460
Sanitary pipework and appliances used in dwellings 460
Install sanitary appliances and connecting pipework systems 498
Service and maintenance requirements for sanitary appliances and connecting pipework systems 516
The principles of grey water recycling 518
10 Domestic fuel systems 524
Identify the types of fuels used in appliances 524
Factors that affect the selection of fuels 530
Sources of information for fuel supply installation 531
Regulatory bodies that govern the installation of fuel systems 531
Storage requirements for fuels 532
Considerations that could affect the storage requirements of fuels 536
11 Working with electricity 542
Electrical principles 542
Conductors and insulators 544
Resistances in series and parallel 546
Protection against electric shock 550
Electrical supply systems 554
Protective devices 556
Working on electrical systems 558
Installing wiring systems 561
Glossary 569
Index 574

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