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Welcome to Childcare and Early Years textbooks!

Many children nowadays are spending time in the care of people other than their families.

The updated editions of these books will help practitioners to give their best when working with other people’s children, so that the children may flourish.

When setting out on a career as an Early Years Practitioner, you will need to know about the requirements of your new job role and how you fit into the early years setting overall as part of a team.

Observation is key to working with young children, and knowing how babies, toddlers and young children develop and learn is part of that.

These supportive textbooks bring the specification alive, enlightening you with accurate, up to date and relevant practice, interesting examples and thought provoking case studies. These will help you to make sense of learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

The textbooks are arranged to allow you to find the information that you need easily and the text is incredibly user-friendly, enhanced by illustrations and short chunks of writing to appeal to everyone.

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These PDF books are to support you in working through your Certificate and Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning.

You will need to work through all units and show that you have met the requirements in each one.

In order to do this, you should have a placement or be working in a primary, secondary or special school, or in a college.

Each unit is divided into learning outcomes and assessment criteria which set out the skills and knowledge you will need to have in order to gain these qualifications.

You will be asked to work through different tasks and activities to gather evidence for each unit, as well as showing your competence through your work in supporting teaching and learning in the workplace.

The books have different features that provide activities and tips relating to the text and help you to gather evidence.

They also list current legislation relevant to each unit, although you should be aware that this changes over time, so always check that any references you make are up to date.

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Childcare books on pdfbooks.co.uk contain all the units you need to master the skills and knowledge for the Diploma in Early Years Education and Care (Early Years Educator).

All the mandatory units are covered in these books and a good choice of optional ones so that you will be in a great position to gain the underpinning knowledge that will be essential for your assignments.

These Childcare Textbooks written to qualify in Childcare in a clear and informative way by highly respected and experienced authors who are well known in the child care and education.

These textbooks should support and supplement the teaching that you will receive from your tutors.

They also match the delivery guidance of the qualifications and so should be good tools to aid your study and completion of the assignments.

In each unit you will find a number of learning features, which are designed to help you get the most out of your studies.

Turn theory into practice with best practice tips and case studies for complex topics such as behavior management.

Expand your understanding of theory and practice with comprehensive information clearly linked to assessment criteria.

Find all the information you need with a colorful, clear design and matching language.

Develop your learning support skills with guidance tailored to CACHE extensive qualifications.

Build confidence in your position with practical advice and detailed explanations from bestselling authors.

Participate in debates on important topics with suggestions for class discussion.