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City & Guilds My Revision Notes Level 2 Advanced Technical Diploma (8202-20) Electrical Installation Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Edition, 2021
Pages: 127
Publisher: City &Guilds
Author: Peter Tanner
Language: English;
Size: 6 Mb;

Target exam success with My Revision Notes. Our updated approach to revision will help you learn, practice and apply your skills and understanding. Coverage of key content is combined with practical study tips and effective revision strategies to create a guide you can rely on to build both knowledge and confidence.


1 Health and safety and industry practices (Unit 201)
LO1 Know what legislation, regulations, laws and guidance documents are associated with the electrical industry
8 Topic 1.1 Statutory and non-statutory; Topic 1.2 Roles and responsibilities
LO2 Use equipment on a construction site
13 Topic 2.1 Use access equipment
16 Topic 2.2 Use personal protective equipment (PPE)
17 Topic 2.3 Use power tools
LO3 Follow safety procedures, practices and policies on construction sites
18 Topic 3.1 Produce risk assessments and method statements (RAMS)
20 Topic 3.2 Types of accident reporting
21 Topic 3.8 Site safety management
21 Topic 3.3 Principles of fire safety
22 Topic 3.4 Manual handling principles
22 Topic 3.5 Types of signage used on a construction site
24 Topic 3.6 Procedures for common hazardous materials
25 Topic 3.7 Procedures for dealing with asbestos
LO4 Carry out electrical safety procedures and practices
25 Topic 4.1 Safe isolation procedure
27 Topic 4.2 Construction site supplies
LO5 Understand environmental protection
28 Topic 5.1 Types of waste management and disposal
29 Topic 5.2 Reporting of hazardous waste
30 Topic 5.3 Type of pollution
LO6 The structure and roles of individuals and organisations within the construction industry
31 Topic 6.1 Types of site personnel
32 Topic 6.2 Client and representatives
33 Topic 6.3 Relationships in the contract structure
Topic 6.3 Relationships in the contract structure
Topic 6.4 Role of industry bodies
Topic 6.3 Relationships in the contract structure
Topic 6.4 Role of industry bodies
34 Exam-style questions
2 Electrical science (Unit 202)
LO7 Apply mathematical principles
36 Topic 1.1 Units of measurement; Topic 1.3 Work with geometry
39 Topic 1.2 Work with equations or formulae
L02 Understand direct current principles
42 Topic 2.1Electron theory-
42 Topic 2.2 Properties of an electrical circuit
46 Topic 2.3 Principles of an electrical circuit
51 Topic 2.4Measurement of electrical circuits
LO3 Understand electromagnetic properties
51 Topic 3.1Principles of magnetism
54 Topic 3.2 Conductors in magnetic fields
55 Topic 3.3 Principles of electrical generation
56 Topic 3.4Transformer principles
LO4 Understand electronic components
59 Topic 4.1 Operating principles of components;
Topic 4.2 Applications and uses of components
61 Exam-style questions
3 Electrical installation (Unit 203)
LO1 Use tools commonly used in electrical installation practices
63 Topic 1.1 Use tools for electrical installation
LO2 Erect cable containment/management systems used in electrical installation
68 Topic 2.1 Selection of systems used in installation work;
Topic 2.4 Install systems
73 Topic 2.2 Forming and fabricating containment systems
74 Topic 2.3 Selecting fixings
LO3 Install wiring systems and supports used in electrical installation activities
75 Topic 3.1 Factors affecting the selection of wiring systems
75 Topic 3.3 Techniques for installing wiring components;
Topic 3.4 Install wiring systems and supports
77 Topic 3.2 Types of support methods and application
LO4 Install accessories and terminate using a range of connections
79 Topic 4.1 Factors that affect the selection of accessories;
Topic 4.2 Install accessories
81 Topic 4.3 Carry out connections
82 Exam-style questions
4 Electrical technology (Unit 204)
LO1 Understand how electricity is supplied and the characteristics of consumer’s equipment
84 Topic 1.1 Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity
88 Topic 1.2 Electrical intake arrangements
89 Topic 1.3 Features of consumer units/distribution boards
91 Topic 1.4 Types of earthing arrangements
LO2 Understand isolation and protection
93 Topic 2.1Types of protection devices
96 Topic 2.2 Purpose of discrimination/selectivity devices
97 Topic 2.3 Purpose of isolation and switching
LO3 Understand automatic disconnection of supply
99 Topic 3.1 Principles of basic protection
100 Topic 3.2 Principles of fault protection
101 Topic 3.3 Purpose of earthing and bonding
102 Topic 3.4 Types of conductive parts
102 Topic 3.5 Types of earth fault paths
LO4 Understand the principles of final circuits
105 Topic 4.1 Arrangements of final circuits
106 Topic 4.2 Factors that affect load capacity
107 Topic 4.3 Factors and requirements of voltage drop
LO5 Understand technical information
108 Topic 5.1 Guidance publications used for electrical installation
109 Topic 5.2 Regulations that apply to electrical systems
110 Topic 5.3 Manufacturers’ information to support planning of electrical activities
111 Topic 5.4 Drawings used to plan electrical activities
111 Topic 5.5 Symbols and scales used in electrical documents
LO6 Understand requirements for obtaining and providing client information
113 Topic 6.1 Types of financial information
114 Topic 6.2 Types of handover information
115 Exam-style questions
117 Exam breakdown
122 Glossary

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