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City & Guilds My Revision Notes Level 2 Technical Certificate (8202-25) Plumbing Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Third edition, 2021
Pages: 169
Publisher: City & Guilds
Author: Stephen Lane
Language: English;
Size: 10 Mb;

Target exam success with My Revision Notes. Our updated approach to revision will help you learn, practice and apply your skills and understanding. Coverage of key content is combined with practical study tips and effective revision strategies to create a guide you can rely on to build both knowledge and confidence.


1 Plumbing processes (Unit 212)
LO1 Use tools in the plumbing and heating industry
9 Topic1.1 Use hand tools
13 Topic1.2 Use power tools
LO2 Carry out site preparation techniques for plumbing and heating work
17 Topic 2.1Planning work
17 Topic 2.2 Perform site preparation work for installation
LO3 Use clips and brackets to support domestic plumbing and heating pipework components
19 Topic 3.1 Fixing uses with pipework components
21 Topic 3.2 Install clips and brackets
LO4 Install domestic plumbing and heating pipework
22 Topic4.1 Installation methods for pipework
23 Topic 4.2 Pipework materials and sizes;
Topic 4.4Types of fittings
29 Topic4.3 Bend pipework work for installation
29 Topic4.5 Bend pipework work for installation
30 Exam-style questions
2 Electrical and scientific principles (Unit 213)
LO1 Understand materials used in the plumbing industry
32 Topic1.1 Material properties used in the plumbing industry
34 Topic1.2 Uses of materials
35 Topic1.3 Corrosion protection and degradation
LO2 Understand properties of water, liquids and gases
36 Topic 2.1Properties of water
37 Topic 2.2 Properties of liquids
37 Topic 2.3 Properties of gases
LO3 Understand density, force, pressure, flow rate and basic mechanics
38 Topic 3.1Types of SI units
38 Topic 3.2 Density of materials
39 Topic 3.3 Force, pressure and flow rate
42 Topic 3.4Mechanical principles
LO4 Understand heat and power in the plumbing industry
45 Topic 4.1Approaches to measuring temperature
46 Topic 4.2 Changes of state
47 Topic4.3 Heat transfer
48 Topic 4.4 Units of energy and heat
L05 Understand the principles of electricity within the plumbing and heating industry
49 Topic 5.1Principles of electricity; Topic 5.2 Units and formulae
53 Topic 5.3 Circuit protection and earthing
56 Exam-style questions
3 Cold water (Unit 214)
LO1 Understand cold water supply to dwellings
58 Topic1.1 Sources and properties of water
60 Topic1.2 Types of supply into a property
60 Topic1.3 Treatment and distribution of cold water
LO2 Understand domestic cold water systems
62 Topic 2.1 Sources of information relating to systems
63 Topic 2.2Service pipework layout
64 Topic 2.3Types of cold water systems
67 Topic 2.4Operating principles of backflow prevention devices
LO3 Install cold water systems and components
69 Topic 3.1 Prepare for the installation of systems and components;
Topic 3.2 Install and test systems and components
76 Exam-style questions
4 Hot water (Unit 215)
LO1 Understand hot water systems and their layouts
78 Topic1.1 Sources of information relating to work on hot water systems
79 Topic1.2 Hot water systems and components
88 Topic1.3 System safety and efficiency
LO2 Install hot water systems and components
91 Topic 2.1Prepare for the installation of systems and components;
Topic 2.2 Decommission systems and components;
Topic 2.3 Install and test systems and components;
Topic 2.4Replace defect components
93 Exam-style questions
5 Central heating (Unit 216)
LO1 Understand central heating systems and their layout
95 Topic1.1 Sources of information
96 Topic1.2 Operating principles of systems and components
106 Topic1.3 Filling and venting systems
111 Topic 1.4 Filling and venting of systems
113 Topic1.5 Types of fuels
LO2 Install central heating systems and components
LO3 Understand the decommissioning requirements of central heating systems and their components
114 Topic3.1 Decommissioning systems
114 Topic 3.2 Preparing for decommissioning
115 Topic 3.3 Decommissioning central heating systems
115 Exam-style questions
6 Sanitation and drainage (Unit 217)
LO1 Understand layouts of gravity rainwater systems
117 Topic1.1 Systems and materials used in gravity rainwater systems
118 Topic1.2 Gutter systems and components
120 Topic1.3 Rainwater pipework and components
121 Topic1.4 Jointing procedures for gutter and rainwater materials
121 Topic1.5 Gutter bracket selection and fixing
LO2 Install gravity rainwater systems
122 Topic 2.1 Sources of information for gravity rainwater systems
122 Topic 2.2 Preparation of the building fabric
123 Topic 2.3 Positioning and fixing of gutter system components
124 Topic 2.4 Pipework connections
124 Topic 2.5 Install and join PVCu rainwater system components
124 Topic 2.6Test rainwater systems
LO3 Understand service, maintenance requirements and commissioning of gravity rainwater systems
125 Topic 3.1Maintenance checks
125 Topic 3.2 Defects in systems
125 Topic 3.3 Pre-commissioning checks
LO4 Understand sanitary appliances
126 Topic 4.1Working principles of sanitary appliances
130 Topic 4.2 Features of sanitary pipework and layout
132 Topic 4.3 Ground floor systems and appliances
133 Topic 4.4Types of traps and seal loss
137 Topic4.5 Drainage systems
138 Topic 4.6 Condensate drain connections
LO5 Install sanitary appliances
139 Topic 5.1 Sources of information;
Topic 5.2 Installation requirements of appliances and systems;
Topic 5.3 Decommissioning process of appliances and systems
139 Topic 5.4 Install and test systems and appliances
LO6 Understand service and maintenance requirements
140 Topic6.1 Maintenance checks
141 Topic6.2 Defects in systems
7 Health and safety and industry practices (Unit 211)
LO1 Understand health and safety legislation in the plumbing and heating industry
143 Topic1.1 Types of health and safety guidance material
146 Topic1.2 Purpose of enforcing authorities and control measures
146 Topic1.3 Roles and responsibilities in relation to health and safety
LO2 Understand hazardous situations within the plumbing and heating industry
147 Topic 2.1Preventing potential site hazards
149 Topic 2.2Types and characteristics of hazardous substances
150 Topic 2.3Types and effects of asbestos exposure and how it should be prevented
150 Topic 2.4Types of waste management and disposal
LO3 Use personal protection and respond to accidents
151 Topic 3.1Use PPE for plumbing and heating work
152 Topic 3.2 Perform manual handling
152 Topic 3.3 First aid in plumbing and heating industry
152 Topic 3.4 Dealing with accidents on a construction site
LO4 Understand procedures for electrical safety
153 Topic 4.1Types of electrical supplies used on site
154 Topic 4.2 Types of electrical hazards and safety
154 Topic 4.3 Safe isolation procedure
LOS Work with heat producing equipment
155 Topic 5.1Gases used in equipment
156 Topic 5.2 Fire safety principles
157 Topic 5.3Assemble LPG equipment
LO6 Use access equipment on a construction site
157 Topic 6.1Types of access equipment
158 Topic 6.2 Use access equipment
LO7 Understand how to work safely in excavations and confined spaces
158 Topic 7.1Working practices in excavations
159 Topic 7.2Working practices in confined spaces
159 Exam-style questions
162 Exam breakdown
164 Glossary
166 Picture credits

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