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The City & Guilds Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma (8202-30) Electrical Installation. Revision Notes Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Pages: 153 pages
Size: 94MB
Publisher: Hodder Education
Author (s): Peter Tanner
Language: English
Date of Publication:  2021

Target exam success with My Revision Notes.

This updated approach to revision will help you learn, practise and apply your skills and understanding.
Coverage of key content is combined with practical study tips and effective revision strategies to create a guide you can rely on to build both knowledge and confidence.

My Revision Notes: City & Guilds Level 3 Advanced Technical Diploma in Electrical Installation (8202-30) will help you:

- Plan and manage your revision with our topic-by-topic planner and exam breakdown introduction.
-Avoid common mistakes and enhance your exam answers with exam tips.
-Understand key terms you will need for the exam with user-friendly definitions and a glossary.
-Breakdown and apply scientific and mathematic principles with clear worked examples.
-Practise and apply your skills and knowledge with exam-style questions and frequent now test yourself questions.


1 Planning and overseeing electrical work activities (Unit 301)
LO1 Understand the requirements for liaising with others when organising and overseeing work activities
10 Topic1.1 Communication techniques
12 Topic1.2 Determining competence
13 Topic1.4 Documentation for work operations
14 Topic 3.1 Installation specifications and work programmes
LO2 Understand the requirements for organising and overseeing work programmes
15 Topic 2.1Planning work programmes
17 Topic1.4 Documentation for work operations;
Topic 2.2 Carrying out work activities
18 Topic 2.3 Industry standards
19 Topic1.3 Rescheduling work; Topic 2.2Work activities;
Topic 2.4Estimating work times
19 Topic 2.5Consequences of problems
Exam-style questions
2 Principles of electrical science (Unit 302)
LO1 Understand electrical supply systems
21 Topic1.1 Electricity generation and transmission
22 Topic1.2 Other sources of electricity
22 Topic1.3 Electrical supplies
26 Topic1.4 Transformers
28 Topic1.5 Calculating and measuring electricity
LO2 Understand how different electrical properties can affect electrical circuits, systems and equipment
29 Topic 2.1 Electrical relationships
31 Topic 2.2 Alternating current circuits
34 Topic 2.3 Power factor and power factor correction
LO3 Understand the operating principles and applications of DCmachines, ACmotors and electrical components
36 Topic3.1 DCmachines
37 Topic 3.2ACmotors
39 Topic 3.3 Motor control
40 Topic 3.4 Electrical components
LO4 Understand the principles and applications of electrical lighting systems
43 Topic 4.1 Principles of illumination
46 Topic 4.2 Luminaires
L05 Understand the principles and applications of electrical heating
47 Topic 5.1Principles of electric heating;
Topic 5.2 Electrical heating appliances and components
Exam-style questions
3 Electrical design practices and procedures (Unit303)
LO1 Understand the characteristics and applications of supply systems and consumer’s equipment
51 Topic1.1 Earthing arrangements
54 Topic1.2 Supply systems
54 Topic1.3 Installation protection
LO2 Understanding earthing and protection
58 Topic 2.1 Earthing; Topic 2.2 Conductors
60 Topic 2.3 Protection against electric shock
LO3 Understand protection against overcurrent
63 Topic 3.1 Overcurrent
LO4 Understand electrical systems and circuits
66 Topic4.1 Electrical circuits
67 Topic 4.2 Electrical systems
LO5 Understand electrical design procedures
69 Topic 5.1Diversity factors
70 Topic 5.2 Design factors; Topic 5.3 Suitability ratings;
Topic 5.4 Installation method reference; Topic 5.5 Determining rating factors; Topic 5.6 Cross-sectional area of conductors;
Topic 5.7 Voltage drop
73 Topic 5.8 Evaluating thermal constraints
Exam-style questions
4 Principles of inspection, testing and commissioning electrical systems (Units 304 &305)
LO1 Understand the requirements for safe isolation and inspection of electrical circuits
76 Topic1.1 Electricity at Work requirements
77 Topic1.2 Safe isolation
79 Topic1.3 Health and safety requirements
80 Topic1.4 Initial verification of electrical installations
81 Topic1.6 Senses used during inspection
81 Topic1.5 Items checked during inspection;
Topic 1.7 Requirements of electrical installations
LO4 Understand the requirements for the completion of electrical installation certificates and associated documentation
82 Topic 4.1 Certification documentation
85 Topic 4.2 Verification documentation
LO2 Understand the requirements for safe testing and commissioning of electrical installations and testing before circuits are energised
86 Topic 2.1Tests carried out; Topic 2.2Test instruments;
Topic 2.3Test results; Topic 2.4Verifying continuity
92 Topic 2.5 Insulation resistance
93 Topic 2.6Verifying polarity
LO3Understand the requirements for testing energised installations
94 Topic 3.1 Confirming polarity measuring earth electrode resistance test
97 Topic 3.2 Earth fault loop paths and verifying protection
99 Topic 3.3 Measurement of prospective fault current (Ipy)
100 Topic 3.4Verifying phase sequence
101 Topic 3.5 Functional testing and testing RCDoperation
102 Topic 3.6 Dealing with clients
Exam-style questions
5 Electrical system fault diagnosis and rectification (Unit 306)
LO1 Understand the health and safety requirements relevant to fault diagnosis
104 Topic1.1 Dangers of electricity
104 Topic1.2 Health and safety requirements;
Topic1.3 Safe working procedures
LO4Understand the fault diagnosis procedure
104 Topic 4.1 Precautions
LO2 Understand the importance of reporting and communication in fault diagnosis
107 Topic 2.1Fault diagnosis documentation
108 Topic 2.2 Implications of fault diagnosis
109 Topic 2.3 Communication requirements
My revision planner
LO3 Understand the nature and characteristics of electrical faults
109 Topic 3.1Types of faults; Topic 3.2 Locations of faults
LO5 Understand the procedures and techniques for correcting electrical faults
113 Topic 5.1Factors affecting repair or replacement
114 Topic 5.2Verifying fault correction
115 Topic 5.3 Safe disposal of waste
L06 Perform fault diagnosis REVISED TESTED
My revision planner
115 Topic 6.1 Fault diagnosis; Topic 6.2 Evaluation of symptoms;
Topic 6.3 Recommending corrective action
Exam-style questions
6 Requirements for electrical installations (Unit307)
LO1 Know the fundamental principles and general assessments of BS7671
117 Topic 1.1 Scope of BS7671
120 Topic 1.2 Fundamental principles
120 Topic 1.3 Definitions
121 Topic 1.4 Requirements for assessment
LO2 Know the protective measures given in BS7671
122 Topic 2.1 Protection for safety
LO3 Know the requirements for selection and erection of BS7671
126 Topic 3.1 Requirements for selecting and erecting equipment
LO4 Know the requirements for inspection and testing in BS7671
130 Topic 4.1 Requirements for inspection and testing
LO5 Know the requirements for special locations and information within appendices of BS7671
130 Topic 5.1 Special installations and locations
130 Topic 5.2 Appendices of BS7671
Exam-style questions
133 Exam breakdown
137 Glossary
139 Answers

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