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Welcome to Health and Social Care Textbooks!

These accessible textbooks in Health and Social Care provide a wealth of information and advice for learners working towards the Health and Social Care.

The focus of the books is on the application of skills in a work environment.

Working with people in any capacity is always interesting. Working with people who are in need of care or support is also a great privilege.

With nearly 2 million people in the United Kingdom now working in social care, and with the Government expressing its commitment to making health and social care a priority in coming years, there has never been a more exciting time to work in the sector.

Whether you are new to health and social care or whether you have been working in the sector for some time, you will be working with people at times of need and often at crisis points in their lives, and what you do to support people can make a real difference to their lives.

The way you carry out your work is what will make the real difference.

People who receive health and social care services from professionals who provide care and support with compassion really feel the difference.

Working in this way is both a challenge and a joy -you will receive so much satisfaction from your work.

It is important for health and social care practitioners to understand that our views, beliefs and values are formed as a result of our experiences, both within our families and in wider society. The more experiences and differences you are exposed to, the more broad minded and tolerant you are likely to be.

The aim of these books is to help you to develop the knowledge, understanding and practical skills that you will need to complete your Certificate or Diploma in Health and Social Care qualification.

Each of the sections in these books closely follow all the topics required for each unit in the course specification.

'High priority' concepts are clearly identified and defined throughout the text and how each topic applies in practice.