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Compassionate Leadership: 16 Simple Ways to Engage and Inspire Your Team at Work, Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Edition, 2021

Pages: 65

Publisher: Sourcebooks

Author: Paul Axtell

Language: English;

Size:  1 Mb;

People want to work for someone they respect, someone who is on their side. And when employees feel seen, heard, and valued by their supervisors, employee engagement improves, productivity increases, and the entire organization benefits. In Compassionate Leadership, Paul Axtell reveals sixteen simple steps you can start taking right now to become a manager who leads with compassion.


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Introduction: Lead with Compassion—The Perspective of Caring

Compassionate Principle 1: Perspectives Change Everything, So Choose Empowering Ones

Compassionate Principle 2: Never Walk Past Anyone, Ever

Compassionate Principle 3: Trust and Respect Are Fragile but Essential

Compassionate Principle 4: People Are Complicated—and Sometimes Difficult

Compassionate Principle 5: Appreciation: Always Important, Often Missing

Compassionate Principle 6: Every Conversation Can Be Enhanced

Compassionate Principle 7: Say the Right Thing at the Right Time

Compassionate Principle 8: Be Great with Complaints

Compassionate Principle 9: Ask for What You Want, Not What You Think You Can Get

Compassionate Principle 10: If You Give Your Word, Keep It

Compassionate Principle 11: What Do You Think? A Simple Question and Some Common


Compassionate Principle 12: Lead Meetings Like a Pro

Compassionate Principle 13: Building a Powerful Group, One Relationship at a Time

Compassionate Principle 14: A Simple Coaching Process—Shift from Telling to Asking

Compassionate Principle 15: Good Supervisors Have Problems—Lots of Them

Compassionate Principle 16: Take Care of Yourself So You Can Be There for Others


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