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Code of Practice Electrical Safety Management 2nd Edition 2023 (PDF)

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Pages: 93 pages
Size: 31MB
Publisher: IET
Author (s): IET
Language: English
Publication: 2023

This Code of Practice has the following objectives:
- to provide the practical guidance in the form of a self-assessment framework so that the user can follow a systematic approach to understanding the management of various aspects of an electrical system for their organization;
- for the guidance to be understood and usable by a broad range of individuals in technical and non-technical disciplines in any country;
- to enable the end user to create and implement an effective electrical safety management system where nothing is currently in place or to enhance an existing system.
It has been updated to include considerations around the management of change, the implications of outsourcing work on the electrical equipment and installations, and an updated self-assessment tool to identify what systems exist and how effective they are in managing responsibilities.


Acknowledgements 5
Foreword 7
Section 1 Introduction 9
11 Aim and objectives 9
12 Types of organization 9
13 What is an electrical system? 10
14 Who should use this Code of Practice? 11
15 Using this Code of Practice 12
Section 2 Managing electrical safety 13
2.1 Introduction 13
2.2 What is electrical safety management? 13
2.3 Self-assessment 14
Section 3 Managing 'policy' aspects 17
3.1 Electrical safety policy 17
3.2 Leadership 18
3.3 Planning 19
3.4 Design 21
3.5 Electrical system standards 22
Section 4 Managing 'procedure' aspects 25
4.1 Identifying and controlling your risks 26
4.2 Safe working practices 28
4.3 Workplace precautions 30
4.4 Procedures 31
4.5 Electrical system maintenance 35
4.6 Electrical system documentation 37
4.7 Incident investigation 39
4.8 Measurement of performance 40
Section 5 Managing 'people' aspects 43
5.1 Appointments, roles and responsibilities 43
5.2 Training 46
5.3 Competence 49
5.4 Cooperation 50
5.5 Communication 51
5.6 Audits 52
Section 6 Managing specific issues 55
6.1 Work undertaken on, or near, exposed live electrical parts 55
6.2 Operating electrical machinery 58
6.3 Using electrical contractors 62
6.4 Storing, handling and using flammable gases, vapours or dusts 64
6.5 Buried cables 65
6.6 Overhead power lines on, or near, your site 66
6.7 Operating and maintaining high voltage electrical equipment 68
Section 7 Self-assessment evaluation 73
7.1 Introduction 73
7.2 Self-assessment summary 74
Section 8 Next steps 87
8.1 Introduction 87
8.2 Deciding on actions and implementation 87
8.3 With whom should you share the results? 88
8.4 Review your improvement plan 88
Appendix A Glossary 89
Index 91

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Reviews (1)
I appreciate how user-friendly the book is. The language used is clear and concise, making it accessible to individuals with varying levels of technical knowledge. Whether you are a seasoned professional or someone new to the field, this book is designed to cater to all, regardless of their background.
The updates included in this 2nd edition are also noteworthy. The addition of considerations around change management and the implications of outsourcing electrical work showcases the book's commitment to staying current with industry trends and best practices.