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Code of Practice Electrical Safety Management in the Highway Electrical Sector Edition 2019 (PDF)

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Pages: 178
Size: 80 MB
Edition: 2019
Publisher: IET
Language: English

The aim of this Code of Practice is to provide information and guidance in a coherent and consistent way to individuals and organisations working within the highway electrical sector, to enable them to manage the particular associated risks. This Code of Practice is also applicable to any similar exterior equipment installed and maintained in any area over, under or through which the public has access.


Participants in the development of this Code of Practice
1. Introduction
1.1 Aim and objectives
1.2 Types of applicable organizations and individuals
1.3 Highway electrical equipment and systems
2. Abbreviations
3. Electrical dangers and managing highway electrical safety
3.1 General requirements
3.2 Dangers from electricity
3.3 Highway electrical safety management
4. General policy aspects
4.1 Highway electrical safety management policy
4.2 Leadership
4.3 Planning
4.4 Design
4.5 Standards
5. People aspects
5.1 General approach
5.2 Competence
5.3 Legislative requirements, appointments, roles and responsibilities
6. General approach to highway electrical safety management procedures
6.1 Electrical safety management procedures overview
6.2 Hazard identification
6.3 Calculation of risk
6.4 Method statements: safe systems of work
7. Vehicles, plant, equipment and tools
7.1 General
7.2 Safety of loads
7.3 Long loaders
7.4 MEWPs
7.5 Equipment
7.6 Tools
8. Planning of work
9. Installation of highway electrical infrastructure
9.1 Design cross-check and setting out
9.2 Inspection of infrastructure equipment
9.3 Work near overhead lines
9.4 Excavation works
9.5 Installation of columns/posts
9.6 Removal or re-siting of columns/posts
9.7 Surface protective coatings
9.8 Installation of brackets fixed to structures
10. Installation and connection of highway electrical components/equipment
10.1 General
10.2 Wiring
10.3 Isolation devices and earthing
10.4 Surge protective devices
11. Installation of underground cabling
11.1 General
11.2 Cable type
11.3 Cable installation
11.4 Cable joints
11.5 Cable terminations
11.6 Diagrams and labels
11.7 DNO/IDNO underground cable
12. Installation and connection of other highway electrical equipment
13. Maintenance
13.1 General
13.2 Safe isolation
13.3 Night-time monitoring
13.4 Reactive maintenance - fault repairs and component replacement
13.5 Reactive maintenance - infrastructure interventions
13.6 Reactive maintenance - supply faults
13.7 Routine maintenance - cleaning (including lamp-changing)
13.8 Routine maintenance - surface protection
13.9 Routine maintenance - periodic electrical inspection and testing
13.10 Routine maintenance - periodic structural inspection and testing
13.11 Routine maintenance - LED lighting systems
14. Electrical inspection and testing - initial verification and periodic condition reporting
14.1 General
14.2 Personnel and equipment
14.3 Initial verification
14.4 Periodic electrical inspection and testing condition reporting
14.5 Additional considerations for electrical inspection and testing
14.6 Typical results for highway electrical tests
14.7 Minor works
14.8 Certification and reporting
15. Temporary installations and emergency works
15.1 Temporary installations
15.2 Emergency works
Annex A. Sample risk assessments and method statements

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