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NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction Edition 2020 (PDF)

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Edition: 2020
Pages: 605
Authors: RMS Publishing
Publisher: RMS Publishing
Language: English
Size: 238 Mb

This study book has at its heart the fact that health and safety should be managed as a risk. However, as one of the risks to a business is the risk of prosecution, care has been taken to relate topics to current legislation.

Legislation is referred to in context in the various elements that comprise this study book, it reflects the syllabus of the NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction and is targeted to meet the needs of learners studying to this level. In addition, this study book has a section 'Relevant Statutory Provisions’ which is dedicated to legislation, and here the learner will find a useful summary of the legislation relevant for this qualification.

This 5th Edition Essential Health and Safety Guide has been thoroughly revised and updated to embrace the December 2019 specification of the syllabus for the NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction qualification and focuses on construction hazards and related losses, risk control measures and core management of health and safety principles as they relate to construction activities.

It has been designed to reflect the order and content of the NC syllabus which is structured in a very useful way, focusing on core management of health and safety principles (Elements 1 to 3) then hazards and their control (Elements 4 to 13); and in this way, the learner studying for this qualification can be confident that this guide reflects the themes of the syllabus and forms an excellent study book for that purpose.


Preface v
List of abbreviations x
Element 1: The foundations of construction health and safety management 01
1.1 Morals and money 02
1.2 The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 201 5 06
1.3 Type, range and issues relating to construction activities 19
1.4 Site assessment and control measures 23
1.5 Site order and security 32
1.6 Management of temporary works 35
1.7 Other construction issues including welfare arrangements 36
Sources of reference 40
Statutory provisions 40
Study questions 40
Element 2: Improving health and safety culture and assessing risk 41
2.1 Health and safety culture 42
2.2 How human factors influence behaviour positively or negatively 45
2.3 Improving health and safety culture 57
2.4 Assessing risk 75
Sources of reference 97
Statutory provisions 97
Study questions 98
Element 3: Managing change and procedures 99
3.1 Managing change 100
3.2 Safe systems of work for general work activities 103
3.3 Permit-to-work systems 108
3.4 Emergency procedures 112
3.5 Learning from incidents 124
Sources of reference 1 35
Statutory provisions 1 35
Study questions 1 36
Element 4: Excavation 137
4.1 Excavation work hazards and assessment 138
4.2 Control measures for excavation work 1 42
4.3 Safe working in a confined spaces 150
Sources of reference 155
Statutory provisions  55
Study questions 156
Element 5: Demolition 157
5.1 Demolition and dismantling hazards and control measures 158
5.2 Pre-demolition, deconstruction or refurbishment surveys 169
Sources of reference 174
Statutory provisions 174
Study questions 175
Element 6: Mobile plant and vehicles 177
6.1 Safe movement of people 178
6.2 Safe use of vehicles and plant 1 81
6.3 Work-related driving 200
Sources of reference 208
Statutory provisions 208
Study questions 208
Element 7: Working at height 209
7.1 Working at height hazards and controls 210
7.2 Safe working practices for access equipment and roof work 217
7.3 Protection of others 242
Sources of reference 244
Statutory provisions 244
Study questions 244
Element 8: Musculoskeletal health and load handling 245
8.1 Musculoskeletal disorders and work-related upper limb disorders 246
8.2 Manual handling hazards and control measures 255
8.3 Load handling equipment 263
Sources of reference 279
Statutory provisions 280
Study questions 280
Element 9: Work equipment 281
9.1 General requirements 282
9.2 Hand-held tools 294
9.3 Machinery hazards and control measures 301
9.4 Working near water 316
Sources of reference 318
Statutory provisions 318
Study questions 318
Element 1 0: Electricity 319
10.1 Hazards and risks 320
10.2 Control measures 329
10.3 Control measures for working underneath or near overhead power lines 343
10.4 Control measures for working near underground power cables 347
Sources of reference 351
Statutory provisions 351
Study questions 352
Element 11: Fire 353
11.1 Fire principles 354
11.2 Preventing fire and fire spread 362
11.3 Fire alarms and firefighting 372
Sources of reference 379
Statutory provisions 379
Study questions 380
Element 12: Chemical and biological agents 381
12.1 Hazardous substances 382
12.2 Assessment of health risks 390
12.3 Control measures 404
12.4 Special agents 41 7
Sources of reference 429
Statutory provisions 429
Study questions 430
Element 13: Physical and psychological health 431
13.1 Noise 432
13.2 Vibration 441
13.3 Radiation 448
13.4 Mental ill-health 458
13.5 Violence at work 467
13.6 Substance abuse at work 470
Sources of reference 477
Statutory provisions 477
Study questions 478
Relevant Statutory Provisions 479
Assessment 541
Revision and examination guidance 589
Index 585

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