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Childcare & Education 6th Edition (PDF)

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Edition, 2016
Pages: 1467
Publisher: Hodder Education
Authors: Carolyn Meggitt, Julia Manning-Morton and Tina Bruce
Language: English;
Size: 17 Mb;

Deliver an in-depth programme of teaching for level 3 and level 4  with this classic textbook that inspires you to go further.

Written by an expert team of childcare authors, the sixth edition of this classic textbook offers an in-depth approach to Childcare and Early Years study unmatched by any course-specific texts.

Childcare and Education 6th Edition provides full details of all the topics and frameworks relevant to level 3 and level 4 qualifications. details of all the topics and frameworks relevant to level 3 and level 4 qualifications. It offers the opportunity to analyze and explore theories and practice at a high level of detail.

- Provides post-level 3 material in clearly marked 'Moving On' sections at the end of each chapter.
- Focuses on the practicalities of working within a real-life setting using case studies and observation tasks.
- Suitable for level 3 qualifications and courses that bridge the gap between levels 3 and 4.


Acknowledgments iv
How to use this book v
1 Equality, diversity, rights 1
2 Children with special needs and disabilities 19
3 Working in partnership with parents and carers 41
4 Safeguarding children 59
5 Observation and assessment 79
6 Holistic child development 100
7 Perceptual and cognitive development: children thinking and making sense of the world
8 Communication and language development 1 41
9 Physical development and movement 158
10 Emotional, personal and social development: feelings, identity and relationships
11 Understanding social behaviors and developing self-discipline 203
12 Caring for babies in the first year of life 223
13 Caring for children 263
14 Child health promotion, surveillance and safety 282
15 The effects of ill-health on children and families 307
16 Diet, nutrition and food 348
17 Play, imagination and creativity 374
18 Curriculum and developing early learning 393
19 Early years provision 426
20 The early years practitioner 440
Appendix 456
Glossary 469
Index 480

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