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Level 2 VRQ Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Work-Based Learning (PDF)

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About the book:

Pages: 505 pages;
Size: 131 MB;
Publisher: Pearson Education Ltd;
Language: English;
Edition: 2014;
Authors: Jane Hiscock, Frances Lovett, Lindsey Anderson, Lisa Kniveton;

This book has been designed with you in mind. It has a dual purpose:
1 To lead you through the Level 2 (\/RO) Diploma in Beauty Therapy, providing background, technical guidance with suggested evidence collection and key skill information.
2 As a reference book that you will find useful to dip into, long after you have gained your qualification.
To reinforce your learning process and get you thinking, there are several features to help you.
Key terms
These highlight terms that are central to your understanding of the topic that you may not have come across before.
Think about it
These activities will get you to think about applying theory to a practical situation. They will give you an opportunity to stop and think about what you are doing when you are carrying out treatments to ensure that you are striving for and achieving best practice.
Salon life
This covers a key issue or problem, including an account of a therapist's experience in the salon and expert guidance on the issue or problem covered.
My story
Short, real-life accounts from people working within the industry with tips and suggestions designed to get you to think about the things you may encounter and need to think about in your day-to-day life as a beauty therapist.
Frequently asked questions
Expert advice and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions on each practical topic - questions that may come up as you work through the practical units.
Check your knowledge
This is a list of multiple choice and/or short-answer questions provided at the end of each unit to help you check your knowledge and understanding of that unit.
For your portfolio
These are tasks or activities which encourage learning through research and investigation- They are designed to help you to gather and generate evidence for your portfolio and key skills.
Getting ready for assessment
At the end of each unit you will find helpful information and advice about how that unit is assessed and guidance on what you will need to be able to demonstrate to your assessor in terms of skills and competencies.


Professional skills
Essential professional knowledge
The workplace environment
Follow health and safety practice in the salon
Client care and communication in beauty-related industries
Display stock and promote products and services to) clients
Working in beauty-related industries
Salon reception duties
Anatomy, physiology and the skin
You and the skin
Related anatomy and physiology
Practical skills
Provide facial skincare
Provide eyelash and brow treatments
Apply make-up and instruct on make-up application
Remove hair using waxing techniques
Provide manicure and pedicure treatments
Create an image based on a theme within the hair and beauty sector

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