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Beauty Therapy The Foundations Level 2, Edition 2017 (PDF)

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About the book

Edition 2017
Pages: 674
Authors: Lorraine Nordmann
Publisher: Virginia Thorp
Language: English

File size: 97 Mb

The beauty industry covers spending on cosmetics, personal care and professional treatments. It is a major contributor to the UK economy and is reported to be worth over £17 billion.

The professional beauty sector in the UK covers a wide variety of treatments. The UK treatment market was worth £1 .91 billion in the year to the end of October 2014. The largest proportion of this spend was through beauty salons.

Qualifying in beauty therapy at Level 2 provides you with the opportunity to work across a range of diverse skill areas, offering treatments that improve or enhance the appearance of your clients' skin, nails or eyes. Each treatment received or product purchased should make your client feel more confident in their appearance and overall wellbeing.

To be a competent, successful beauty therapist, the practical skills and knowledge learned should be applied consistently in order to match the treatment, service or product needs of every client. The result will be a satisfied client who will return to you. They may become your best advert for the business, sharing their positive experience.

When you have successfully qualified at Level 2 you can enter employment or progress your training, gaining a further or higher qualification.

This book is fully updated with the latest industry standards, this 7th edition of the bestselling textbook Beauty Therapy: The Foundations Level 2 by Lorraine Nordmann, has been restructured and written to reflect the changing needs of the beauty industry for you in working towards your Level 2 qualification.

Written in Nordmann's engaging and professional style, this trusted and respected level 2 textbook is endorsed by VTCT and is a must-have for any beauty therapist who wants to develop excellence in the beauty industry.
It is suitable for anyone studying for the Level 2 qualification with all awarding associations.

New to this Edition
New 'Business of Beauty Therapy' chapter includes coverage of employment opportunities, the importance of workplace skills and the customer experience. It also covers the expected core values and behaviors that underpin the delivery of beauty therapy treatments and the all-important legal side of the business, workplace protocols, sales and promotion, sustainability and ethical considerations.

Extended 'Science of Beauty Therapy' chapter with in-depth coverage of anatomy and physiology, electrical science and cosmetic science that you will need for your Level 2 qualification.

Why Beauty Therapy: The Foundations, Level 2 is the book for you:
- Step-by-step photographic guides to walk you through key procedures and ensure understanding.
- Glossary of key terms and relevant legislation presented at the end of the book to ensure all terminology is defined and easy to locate.
- End of chapter questions and in-chapter revision aids to test your understanding and help you prepare for assessment.
- Expert advice from subject specialist industry role models to aid your understanding of advanced techniques in each sector.
- Top tips, activities and 'always remember' boxes to provide additional guidance in quick easy-to-read formats.


About VTCT
About the author
About the book
Credit list
1 The Business of Beauty Therapy
Learning objectives
The business of beauty
The workplace
Skills, values and behaviors
Ethics in Health and safety in the workplace
Hygiene and infection control in the workplace
Environmental and sustainable working practices
Personal appearance, hygiene and health
Working hours and timekeeping
Reception essentials
First impressions
Data Protection Act (DPA) (1998)
The receptionist duties
Telephone communication technique
The payment point
Communication skills and client care
Professional work relationships
Selling and promotion
The importance of retail sales
Techniques in selling
Consumer protection legislation
Informing clients about additional products or treatments
Promotions information systems
Stock control
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
2 The Science of Beauty Therapy
Learning objectives
Cosmetic science
Cosmetic emulsions
Anatomy and physiology
Anatomy and physiology knowledge and understanding
The skin
The structure of the skin
The hair
The nails
The eye
Organ systems
The skeletal system
The muscular system
The nervous system
The circulatory system
The lymphatic system
The endocrine system
Electrical science
Electric power
Electrical equipment in beauty therapy
Legal requirements
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
Consultation Practice and Techniques
Learning objectives
Assessing the client's needs and preparing treatment plans
Skin diseases and disorders
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
4. Facials
Learning objectives
Eyebrow shaping
Preparing the work area for eyebrow shaping
Eyebrow shaping treatments
Client care, consultation and communication
Eyebrow artistry
Eyebrow and eyelash tinting
Preparing the work area for permanent tinting
Client care, consultation and communication skills
Tinting the eyebrows and lashes
Eyelash attachment systems
Preparing the work area for eyelash extensions
Client care, consultation and communication skills
Single lash extensions
Provide single eyelash extensions
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
5 Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments
Learning objectives
Caring for the skin
Threats to the skin
Skincare treatments
Skin types
Preparation tor facial treatment
Client care, consultation and communication
Removing skin blockages - extraction
Mask treatment
Facial massage
Specialist facial treatment
Express facial
Client advice and recommendations
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
6 Make-up
Learning objectives
Make-up services
Preparing the work area for make-up
Client care, consultation and communication
Applying make-up products
Face powder
Bronzing products
Face shapes and features
The eyes
The lips
Finishing the service
The client's needs
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
7 Hand and Foot Services
Learning objectives
Anatomy and physiology
Environmental and sustainable working practice
Preparation of the service area for manicure
Client care, consultation and communication
Hand and nail treatments
Hand and lower arm massage
Nail polish application
Manicure for a male client
Preparation of the service area for pedicure
Client care, consultation and communication skills
Foot and nail treatments
Foot and lower leg massage
Nail Arr
Preparing for nail art
Basic nail art techniques
Water Marbling (technique and images courtesy of Natasha Lee, Divine by Design)
Gel polish services
Anatomy and physiology
Preparation of the area
Preparation of the beauty therapist
Preparation of the client
Service application
Client advise and recommendations
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
8 Wax Depilation
Learning objectives
Hair removal methods
Safety and hygiene
Preparing the work area for wax depilation
Client care, consultation and communication
Preparation of the beauty therapist
Hot waxing
Disposable applicator head waxing systems
Facial hair threading
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
Glossary of legislation for beauty therapy

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