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Understanding Housing Defects (PDF)

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Edition: 2014
Pages: 561
Authors: Duncan Marshall, Derek Worthing, Roger Heath and Nigel Dann
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
Size: 75 Mb

This book is concerned with explaining how a housing defect is caused, how it might be identified and, to some extent, what its consequences might be. The importance of an understanding of defects can be seen by the number of legal cases related to them. It is therefore worth considering what we mean when we say something is defective.

All building materials will have a lifespan over which they degrade and/or eventually fail.

Proper and timely maintenance will help to extend the function by offering protection against degradation, or preventing failure in one element affecting another element. Not withstanding the fact that all materials will fail at some point, and require repair or replacement, early failure may occur for various reasons including:

• poor manufacture;
• poor design;
• poor specification;
• poor construction;
• poor maintenance;
• inappropriate use.

Many of the 21 chapters cover a specific building element and include a brief introduction setting out construction principles and the evolution of current practice. All of the chapters consider the identification, cause and diagnosis of common (and sometimes not so common) defects.

This book is a must have for all those students and practitioners who require a broad understanding of housing defects. Building surveyors, general practice surveyors, architects, estate agents, housing officers and anyone involved in the management and maintenance of property as well as its construction will benefit hugely from this highly informative full-color text.

Written by the authors of The Construction of Houses, the book is also the natural companion to this bestselling textbook.


Understanding defects: an introduction
Building history
Building movement: foundations
Building movement: walls
The investigation of structural defects
External walls: brickwork and stonework
Ground floors
Upper floors
Pitched roofs
Flat roofs
External rendering
Plastering and plasterboard
Internal walls and partitions
External joinery and painted finishes
Timber pests
Damp: rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation
System building
Environmental and health-related building problems
Water and heating
Electrical installations

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