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The Award in Education and Training (Further Education and Skills) (PDF)

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Edition, 2014

Pages: 357

Publisher: SAGE

Author: Ann Gravells

Language: English;

Size: 9 Mb;



Author statement



• The structure of the book and how to use it

• Teaching in the further education and skills sector

• The Award in Education and Training

• Progression

• Educational abbreviations and acronyms

1 Teaching and learning

• Roles, responsibilities and boundaries

• Working with other professionals

• Quality assurance

• Record keeping

• Legislation, regulatory requirements and codes of practice

2 Factors contributing to learning

• The teaching, learning and assessment environment

• Motivation

• Learner age ranges and locations

• Learning preferences

• Theories of learning

3 Identifying needs

• Identifying needs of the organisation, teachers and learners

• Initial and diagnostic assessment

• Potential needs of learners and points of referral

• Inclusive learning

• Equality and diversity

4 Planning learning

• Teaching and learning plans

• Differentiation

• Resources

• Opportunities for English, maths and wider skills

• Using information and communication technology

5 Facilitating learning

• Induction, icebreakers and ground rules

• Teaching and learning approaches

• Communication, behaviour and respect

• Working with groups and individuals

• Maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment

6 Assessing learning

• Assessment in education and training

• Assessment types and methods

• Involving learners and others, peer and self-assessment

• Making decisions and giving constructive feedback

• Assessment records

7 Evaluating learning

• Evaluation in education and training

• Obtaining and responding to feedback

• Reviewing own progress and using learning journals

• Continuing professional development

• Using a checklist for teaching, learning and assessment

8 Micro-teaching

• The micro-teach session

• Planning to deliver your session

• Facilitating your session

• Assessing learning

• Evaluating your session

Award units

Appendix 1 Understanding roles, responsibilities and relationships

in education and training

Appendix 2 Understanding and using inclusive approaches in

education and training

Appendix 3 Understanding assessment in education and training

Learning and Development units

Appendix 4 Facilitate learning and development for individuals

Appendix 5 Facilitate learning and development in groups

Appendix 6 Understanding the principles and practices of


Appendix 7 Qualification structure for the level 3 Award in

Education and Training

Appendix 8 Professional Standards for Teachers and Trainers in



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