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The Social Worker's Guide to the Care Act 2014 (Critical Skills for Social Work) Edition 2021(PDF)

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Edition 2021
Pages: 330
Publisher: Critical Publishing Ltd
Author: Pete Feldon
Language: English;
Size: 3Mb;

The Social Worker's Guide to the Care Act 2014 considers the act and the statutory guidance from the perspective of what is most important and relevant for social workers. It covers the key stages of what is known as the ‘customer journey’ - first contact, assessment of needs, prevention, consideration of eligibility, charging and financial assessment, care and support planning and review. In addition, other chapters look at significant issues that cut across several stages of the customer journey, such as safeguarding and working with NHS colleagues.

To provide a broader context for the Care Act there is a consideration of how it consolidates and modernises social care law and codifies good practice, and there is also an examination of how the new legislation is reshaping the language of social care.

This book provides qualifying social workers with a working knowledge of what the Care Act and the accompanying statutory guidance says about their professional role and how professional judgments are to be made, and helps them to understand the good practice that is codified in the statutory guidance.


List of figures vii
Meet the author viii
Acknowledgements ix
Preface xi
Introduction 1
Part I: The care and support Journey 5
1 First contact 7
2 Assessment of needs 21
3 Eligibility determination 49
4 The duty and power to meet needs 82
5 Charging and financial assessment 102
6 Care and support planning 122
7 Review 168
Part II: Safeguarding 197
8 Safeguarding enquiries 199
9 Safeguarding - types of abuse, SABs and SARs 237
Part III: Involvement - difficulties and disputes 245
10 Substantial difficulty in involvement 247
11 Disputes 266
Part IV: Co-operating with partner organisations 269
12 Working with the NHS and housing 271
13 Modifications and additions for young people and prisoners 294
Conclusion: Implications for professional judgement 298
Index 311

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