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About the book

Edition 2016
Pages: 566
Authors: Lorraine Nordmann
Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA
Language: English

File size: 84 MB.

Fully updated in line with the latest National Occupational Standards, this fifth edition or the bestselling textbook, Professional Beauty Therapy: Level 3 by Lorraine Nordmann, has been restructured and updated to reflect the changing needs of the beauty industry and students working towards their Level 3 qualification.

Written in Nordmann’s trademark engaging and professional style, this trusted and respected Level 3 textbook is endorsed by VTCT and is a must have for any advanced beauty therapy student.

It is suitable for those studying for the Level 3 qualification with all awarding associations.

New to this Edition
New ‘Business of Beauty Therapy’ chapter includes coverage of employment opportunities, the skills, values and behaviors that
underpin the delivery of beauty therapy treatments; plus the all-important legal side of the business, promotion, stock control sustainability and ethics, Extended 'Science of Beauty Therapy' chapter with in-depth coverage of anatomy and physiology, electrical and cosmetic science knowledge that you will need for your Level 3 qualification.


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1 The Business of Beauty Therapy
Learning objectives
The business of beauty
The workplace
Skills, values and behaviors
Health and safety in the workplace
Hygiene and infection control in the workplace
Environmental and sustainable working practices
Personal appearance, hygiene and health
Working hours and timekeeping
Communication skills
Professional work relationships
Promotional activities
Types of promotional activities
Consumer protection legislation
Information systems
Setting up a business
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
2 The Science of Beauty Therapy
Learning objectives
Cosmetic science
Cosmetic emulsions
Anatomy and physiology
Anatomy and physiology knowledge and understanding
The skin
The structure of the skin
The hair
The nails
The eye
Organ systems
The skeletal system
The muscular system
The nervous system
The circulatory system
The lymphatic system
Digestive system
The excretory system
Respiratory system
The endocrine system
The reproductive system
Electrical science
Electric power
Electrical equipment in beauty therapy
Legal requirements
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
3 Consultation Practice and Techniques
Learning objectives
Assessing the client's needs and preparing
treatment plans
Skin diseases and disorders
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
4 Facial and Body Electrical Treatments
Learning objectives
Electrical treatments for the face and body
Preparing for facial and body electrical treatment
Client care consultation and communication
Electrical equipment
Galvanic treatment
High-frequency treatment
Gyratory massage treatment
Lymphatic drainage equipment
Microcurrent treatment
Microdermabrasion treatment
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
5 Electrical Epilation
Learning objectives
Electrical epilator
Causes of hair growth
Electrical science
Safety and hygiene
Environmental and sustainable working practice
Performing treatment
Client advice and instruction
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
6 Body Massage: Manual and Gyratory Techniques
Learning objectives
Body massage treatments
Anatomy and physiology
Massage techniques
Client care, consultation and communication
Manual massage treatment application
Head massage
Face massage
Gyratory massage treatments
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
7 Massage Using pre-blended Aromatherapy Oils
Learning objectives
Essential oils
Carrier oils
Types of massage used with pre-blended aromatherapy oils
Performing massage using pre-blended aromatherapy oils
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
8 Stone Therapy Treatments
Learning objectives
Stone therapy treatments
Anatomy and physiology
Uses of stone therapy
Five elements
Types of stones
Stone therapy treatment application
Full body stone therapy treatment
Client advice and recommendations
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
9 Indian Head Massage
Learning objectives
Introduction to Indian head massage
Anatomy and physiology
Safety and hygiene
Environment and sustainability
Preparing for Indian head massage treatment
Client care, consultation and communication
Client advice and recommendations
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
10 Self-tanning
Learning objectives
Skin tanning
Preparing for treatment
Performing treatment
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
11 Male and Female Intimate Waxing
Learning objectives
Hair removal methods
Intimate waxing
Anatomy and physiology
Safety and hygiene
Preparation of the beauty therapist
Performing treatment
Assessment of knowledge and understanding
Glossary of legislation for beauty therapy

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