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Oxford IB Diploma Programme: Business Management Course Book, Edition 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Author(s): Loykie Lominé, Martin Muchena, Robert A. Pierce

Place of Publication: United Kingdom

Pages: 428

Edition: 2022

Language: English

Size: 31 Mb


Introduction iv

Introduction to concepts v

Introduction to the Business Management toolkit vii

Introduction to Theory of Knowledge (TOK) x

Introduction to inquiry xii

Unit 1: Introduction to business management

1.1 What is a business? 1

1.2 Types of business entities 14

1.3 Business objectives 34

1.4 Stakeholders 52

1.5 Growth and evolution 59

1.6 Multinational companies (MNCs) 76

Unit 2: Human resource management

2.1 Introduction to human resource management 80

2.2 Organizational structure 94

2.3 Leadership and management 102

2.4 Motivation and demotivation 111

2.5 Organizational (corporate) culture (HL only) 131

2.6 Communication 139

2.7 Industrial/employee relations (HL only) 144

Unit 3: Finance and accounts

3.1 Introduction to finance 149

3.2 Sources of finance 152

3.3 Costs and revenues 166

3.4 Final accounts 170

3.5 Profitability and liquidity ratio analysis 187

3.6 Efficiency ratio analysis (HL only) 194

3.7 Cash flow 202

3.8 Investment appraisal 210

3.9 Budgets (HL only) 219

Unit 4: Marketing

4.1 Introduction to marketing 227

4.2 Marketing planning 235

4.3 Sales forecasting (HL only) 251

4.4 Market research 256

4.5 The seven Ps of the marketing mix 270

4.6 International marketing (HL only) 308

Unit 5: Operations management

5.1 Introduction to operations

management 313

5.2 Operations methods 320

5.3 Lean production and quality management (HL only) 327

5.4 Location 338

5.5 Break-even analysis 349

5.6 Production planning (HL only) 362

5.7 Crisis management and contingency planning (HL only) 374

5.8 Research and development (HL only) 378

5.9 Management information systems (HL only) 385

Unit 6: Assessment

External Assessment 396

Internal Assessment 403

Index 407

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