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My Revision Notes: Cambridge National Level 1/2 Sport Science, Edition 2020 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: Hodder Education
Author (s): Sue Young, Symond Burrows
Pages: 253
Edition: 2020
Language: English
Size: 2 Mb


Unit R041 Reducing the risk of sports injuries

LO1 Understand different factors which

influence the risk of injury

Type of activity


Environmental factors


Safety hazards

Physical preparation

Individual variables

Psychological factors

Posture and causes of poor posture

Sports injuries related to poor posture

LO2 Understand how appropriate warm up and

cool down routines can help to prevent injury

Physical and psychological benefits of a warm up

Key components of a warm up

Key components and physical benefits of a cool down

Specific needs which a warm up and cool down must consider

LO3 Know how to respond to injuries within a

sporting context

Acute and chronic injuries

Types, causes and treatment of common sports injuries

Injuries related to children

How to respond to injuries and medical conditions in a sporting context

Emergency action plans (EAPs) in a sporting context

LO4 Know how to respond to common medical conditions

The symptoms of common medical conditions

How to respond to common medical conditions

Unit R042 Applying principles of training

LO1 Know the principles of training in a sporting context

Principles of training

LO2 Know how training methods target different fitness components

Aerobic and anaerobic exercise

Components of fitness

Specific training methods for each of the fitness components

LO3 Be able to conduct fitness tests

Test protocols and procedures/guidelines

Maximal and sub-maximal tests

Tests for each component of fitness

How to interpret the results of fitness tests

LO4 Be able to develop fitness training programmes

Design a fitness training programme

Evaluate the effectiveness of the training programme

Examination guidance

Sample examination questions

Now test yourself answers


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