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Movement Environment Rating Scale (MOVERS) for 2-6-year-olds provision (PDF)

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Edition: 2015
Pages: 62
Authors: Carol Archer and Iram Siraj
Publisher: UCL IOE Press
Language: English
Size: 32 Mb

The Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-being (SSTEW)Scale is designed to consider some of the intentional and relational pedagogical strategies strongly associated with child outcomes. It considers practice that supports children aged between 2 and 5 years of age in developing skills in sustained shared thinking and emotional well-being as well as developing strong relationships, effective communication and aspects of self-regulation. It is designed to be used for research, self-evaluation and improvement, audit and regulation.
Using the SSTEW Scale alongside other environment scales (including ECERS-E, ECERS-for ITERS-R)gives users a more complete picture of what high-quality early childhood education and care can look like. It is aspirational in that it considers high quality pedagogy and practice. It can b e used by researchers, heads of centres, managers, teaching staff and practitioners, as well as advisory staff and in professional development.


Foreword by Professor Anthony Okely 5
Introduction to the Movement Environment Rating
Scale (MOVERS) 6
Rationale for the development of the MOVERS 7
Support materials to aid understanding of physical development and movement 10
• Using movement language with children 10
• Children need to be physically active 10
• The benefits of some of the early movement patterns from birth to 6/7 years of age 15
• Healthy nutrition for young children 16
• Sleep 17
Photographs of the MOVERSin action 18
Preparing to use the MOVERS 22
• Important guidance before you start 22
• Making judgements 23
• Making judgements with regards to potentially positive behaviours, responses and interactions 23
• Making judgements with regards to potentially negative behaviours, responses and interactions 23
• Conducting an observation 24
• Scoring the MOVERS 25
• The MOVERSscore sheet, profile and joint observation sheets 26
Content of the MOVERS 27
Sub-scale 1: Curriculum, environment and resources for physical development 28
• Item 1 : Arranging environmental space to promote physical activity 28
• Item 2: Providing resources including portable and/or fixed equipment 30
• Item 3: Gross motor skills 33
• Item 4: Body movement to support fine motor skills 34
Sub-scale 2: Pedagogy for physical development 36
• Item 5: Staff engaging in movement with children
indoors and outdoors 36
• Item 6: Observation and assessment of children’s
physical development indoors and outdoors 38
• Item 7: Planning for physical development indoors and outdoors 40
Sub-scale 3: Supporting physical activity and critical thinking 42
• Item 8: Supporting and extending children’s movement
vocabulary 42
• Item 9: Encouraging sustained shared thinking by communicating and interacting through physical activity 44
• Item 10: Supporting children’s curiosity and problem - solving indoors and outdoors 46
Sub-scale 4: Parents/carers and staff 48
• Item 1 1 : Staff inform families about children’s physical development and the benefits to their learning, development and health 48
The MOVERS score sheet 50
Rough plan of indoor and outdoor areas being observed 51
Score sheets 52
Joint observation/inter-rater reliability for the MOVERS 56
MOVERS profile 57
References 58

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