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Gas Installation Technology (PDF)

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Size: 13 MB
Pages: 498
Author: Roy Treloar
2nd Edition 2010
Publisher:    Wiley
Language:    English

This book aims to cover all areas of the gas industry that the operative is likely to encounter. It has purposely grouped together all the various aspects of gas work to include natural gas and LPG with domestic and commercial installations. This may seem strange to some, but it overcomes the problem of repeating topics and
cross-checking and allows it all to be contained within the one book.

Much of the work undertaken by the gas engineer follows the same generic principles.

The gas principles and processes that are used every day and the type of installation have little or no bearing on the way in which the work is completed. There are variances, hence the need sometimes to identify specific installation types; this has been done throughout the book, where necessary.

The book is not designed to be read from cover to cover and the reader will invariably need to dip into it to retrieve information on a specific problem or interest. A particular topic of interest can be found in one of the following ways:
- First, by referring to the contents page, which identifies the subject areas of the book.
- Second, by referring to the index (page 475) and choosing a term related to the subject in question.


Abbreviations and Acronyms
Part 1 The Gas Industry 1
The Gas Industry 2
Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme for Individual Gas Fitting
Operatives (ACS) 4
Required ACS Assessments and Flowcharts 6
Legislation Affecting the Gas Installer 1 10
Legislation Affecting the Gas Installer 2 12
Industry Documents and British Standards 14
Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 16
Part 2 Gas Utilisation 19
Gas: Its Origin 20
Characteristics and Properties of Gases 22
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) 26
The Combustion Process 28
Air Requirements for Combustion 30
Products of Combustion 32
The Gas Flame 34
Flame Pattern and Characteristics 36
Atmospheric Burners 38
Pre-mix Burners 40
Gas Pressure and Flow 42
Gas Pressure Readings 44
Quick Reference Guide to Taking Pressures 46
Estimating a Suitable Pipe Size 48
Domestic Natural Gas Pipe Sizing 50
Commercial Pipe Sizing 52
Determining Existing Losses Due to Pipe Size 54
Gas Rates and Heat Input 56
Quick Reference Tables: Gas Rate/Heat Input 58
The Physical Laws Relating to Gas 60
Measurement of Gas 1 62
Measurement of Gas 2 64
Part 3 Gas Controls 69
Quarter Turn Gas Control Valves 70
Screw Down Gas Control Valves 72
Spring Loaded Gas Control Valves 74
Electrically Operated Gas Control Valves 76
Heat Operated Gas Control Valves 78
Pressure Operated Controls Valves 80
Low and High Pressure Cut-off Devices 82
Pressure Regulators 84
LPG Regulators 1 88
LPG Regulators 2 90
Flame Supervision Devices 92
Testing Flame Supervision Devices 98
Thermostatic Control 100
Multi-functional Gas Valve 1 102
Multi-functional Gas Valve 2 104
Ignition Devices 106
Vitiation Sensing Devices 108
Pressure and Flow Proving Devices 110
Part 4 Installation Practices 113
Polyethylene Pipe Jointing 114
Copper Pipe Jointing 116
Mild Steel Pipe Jointing 118
Semi-rigid and Flexible Pipe Connections 120
Gas Service Pipework 122
Connections to High Rise Buildings 126
Gas Meter Installations 128
Commercial Gas Installations 132
Internal Installation Pipework 134
Pipework Laid in Floors 136
Pipework in Walls 138
Pipework Support and Allowance for Movement 140
Timber Framed Dwellings 142
LPG Supply 144
LPG Cylinder Installation 146
Storage and Transportation of LPG Cylinders 148
LPG Bulk Tank Installation 150
Gas Supplies from a Bulk Tank Installation 152
LPG Vapour Take-off Capacity 154
Pipe Sizing LPG Installations 156
Part 5 Tightness Testing 159
Tightness Testing and Purging 160
Testing Equipment 162
Tightness Testing with Air (Domestic) 164
Tightness Testing Natural Gas Installations with System Volumes
≤ 0.035 m3 (i.e. Domestic) 166
Purging Natural Gas Systems with a Volume ≤0.035 m3 (i.e. Domestic) 170
Tightness Testing and Purging with LPG (Domestic) 172
Strength Testing for Commercial Pipework 176
Commercial Tightness Testing 180
Direct Purging Commercial Pipework 186
Commercial Purging Procedure 192
Indirect Purging Using Nitrogen (N2) 194
Part 6 Flues and Chimneys 197
Flue/Chimney Classification 198
Chimney/Flue Material and Specification 200
Natural Draught Open Flue Systems 202
Installation of an Open Flue Chimney 204
Minimum Open Flue Heights 1 206
Minimum Open Flue Heights 2 208
Open Flue Terminal Design and Location 210
Condensation within Open Flue Systems 212
Brick Chimneys 214
Flexible Stainless Steel Flue Liners 216
Pre-cast Flue Blocks 218
Pipes Used for Chimneys 220
Fan Draught Open Flue Chimney Systems 222
Shared Open Flue Chimney Systems 224
Checking and Testing Open Flue Systems 226
Room Sealed Flue Chimneys 228
Fan Assisted Room Sealed Flue Appliance 230
Room Sealed and Fan Flue Terminal Locations 232
Shared Room Sealed Flue Systems 234
Fan Dilution System 236
Flue Gas Analysis 238
Test Equipment for Flue Gas Analysis 240
Part 7 Ventilation 243
Need for Ventilation 244
Ventilation Location 246
Effective Ventilation 248
Purge Ventilation (Rapid Ventilation) 250
Ventilation Sizing and Tables 252
Ventilation Calculations 1 256
Ventilation Calculations 2 260
Domestic Ventilation Ready Reckoner 264
Part 8 Gas Installer Responsibility 267
Commissioning Gas Installations/Appliances 268
Servicing Gas Installations/Appliances 274
Installation of Second-hand Appliances 276
Gas Safety and Landlord Inspections 278
Gas Industry Unsafe Situations 280
Dealing with Unsafe Situations 282
Gas Escape Procedures 284
Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences
Regulations (RIDDOR) 286
Carbon Monoxide Detection 288
Ambient Air Measurements for CO 290
Combustion Performance Analysis 292
Maximum Combustion CO/CO2 Ratios 294
Part 9 Domestic Appliances 297
Gas Fires and Space Heaters 298
Component Parts of a Gas Fire 300
Open Flued Radiant Convector Gas Fires 302
Open Flued Solid Fuel Effect Fires and Heaters 304
Installation of Open Flued Gas Fires 1 306
Installation of Open Flued Gas Fires 2 308
Installation of Open Flued Gas Fires 3 310
Decorative Fuel Effect (DFE) Gas Fires 312
Fan Flued and Room Sealed Heaters 314
Flueless Space Heaters 316
Commissioning and Servicing Space Heaters 318
Domestic Gas Cookers 322
Installation of Cooking Appliances 326
Domestic Flued Cooking Range 328
Commissioning and Servicing Cookers 330
Instantaneous Gas Water Heaters 334
Instantaneous Water Heater Operation 336
Gas Storage Water Heaters 340
Installation of Water Heaters 342
Commissioning and Servicing of Water Heaters 344
Domestic Gas Boilers 348
Conventional or Regular Gas Boilers 350
The Combination Boiler 352
The Condensing Boiler 354
Installation of Domestic Gas Boilers 356
Commissioning and Servicing Gas Boilers 358
Domestic Ducted Warm Air Heaters 362
Installations of Warm Air Heaters 364
Commissioning and Servicing Warm Air Heaters
Domestic Tumble Dryers 370
Installation of Domestic Tumble Dryers 372
Domestic Gas Refrigerators 374
Leisure Appliances 376
Greenhouse Heaters and Gas Pokers 378
Part 10 Commercial Appliances 381
Commercial Boilers 382
Commercial Boiler Gas Control Systems 384
Commercial Warm Air Heaters 386
Commercial Direct Fired Air Heaters 388
Commercial Indirect Fired Air Heaters 390
Overhead Radiant Heaters 392
Ventilation for Overhead Radiant Heaters 396
Commercial Laundry Equipment 398
Boosters and Compressors 402
Commercial Catering 406
Catering Establishments 408
Ventilation/Extraction in Commercial Kitchens 410
Commercial Cookers and Ovens 412
Specialist Ovens and Steamers 414
Boiling Pans, Hot Cupboards and Bains Marie 416
Grills, Griddles and Fryers 418
Drinking Water Boilers 420
Mobile Catering Units 422
Part 11 Non-permanent Dwellings 425
Residential Park Homes 426
Leisure Accommodation Vehicles 428
Caravan Holiday Homes 430
Touring and Motorised Caravans 432
Gas Supply on Boats 434
Pipework Installation on Boats 436
Appliances and Ventilation for Boats 438
Part 12 Electrical Work 441
Electricity 442
Electrical Safety 444
Bonding 446
Safe Isolation 448
Inspection and Testing 450
Fault Diagnosis of Basic Electrical Controls 452
Glossary 455

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