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Foundation in Construction and Building Services Engineering: Core (For Wales), Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Pages: 227

Edition: 2021

Publisher: Hodder Education

Author: Mike Jones

Language: English

Size: 20 Mb

This book is a helpful resource for students who are studying the primary modules of the Foundation in Construction and Building Services Engineering (Level 2) qualification (Qualifications Wales). The core modules included in this book offer a wide-ranging introduction to the field of construction and the built environment, and build essential knowledge and comprehension of the construction industry over six chapters. One of the vital chapters concentrates on the essential concepts associated with health and safety in the workplace and the well-being responsibilities of all workers on the job site.


About your qualification iv

Acknowledgements vi

About the author vii

Picture credits viii

How to use this book x

1 Introduction to the built environment 1

Buildings in the built environment 1

Structures in the built environment 13

2 Introduction to the trades in the construction and built environment sector 32

Trades in the construction and built environment sector 32

Traditional skills used in construction and building services 44

3 Introduction to the built environment life cycle 55

The design of buildings and structures 55

The planning process 70

The stages of construction and the installation of services 76

Promoting the services offered within construction 89

Types and purposes of maintenance of buildings and structures 91

Repurposing of buildings and structures 99

Demolition and destruction of buildings and structures 102

4 Employability in the construction and built environment sector 109

Employment options and opportunities 109

Employability skills 115

Principles of business 122

5 Protecting health, safety and the environment when working in the construction and built environment sector 129

Workplace health and safety 129

Health and welfare considerations for working on site 140

Understanding the principles of risk management 149

Equipment and associated risks 159

Principles of environmental protection 177

6 Emerging technologies in the construction and built environment sector 182

The use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) 182

Emerging technologies and materials 186

Off-site construction 194

Test your knowledge answers 203

Improve your maths answers 205

Glossary 206

Index 209

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