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Child Development and Care in the Early Years, 2nd Edition 2022 (PDF)

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About the book:

Publisher: Hodder Education

Author (s): Louise Burnham and Penny Tassoni

Pages: 350

Edition: 2022

Language: English

Size: 4 Mb


Introduction 5

How to use this book 6

1 Child development 7

1.1 Aspects of holistic development 7

2 Factors that influence the child’s development 22

2.1 Nature and nurture 22

2.2 Biological and environmental factors 25

2.3 Effects of biological and environmental factors 29

2.4 Transitions 33

2.5 Support strategies 39

3 Care routines, play and activities to support the child 45

3.1 Basic care needs 45

3.2 Basic care routines and play activities to support the child’s development 51

3.3 The role of the early years practitioner during play activities 59

4 Early years provision 67

4.1 Types of early years provision 67

4.2 The purpose of early years provision 68

4.3 Types of early years setting 72

4.4 Variation in early years provision 74

5 Legislation, policies and procedures in the early years 80

5.1 Regulatory authority 80

5.2 Legislation and frameworks which underpin policy and procedure 81

6 Expectations of the early years practitioner 116

6.1 Appearance 116

6.2 Behaviour 121

6.3 Attendance and punctuality 131

7 Roles and responsibilities within early years settings 136

7.1 Early years practitioner roles 136

7.2 Partnership working in the early years 143

7.3 Specialist roles within early years settings 147

7.4 Specialist roles outside early years settings 148

8 The importance of observations in early years childcare 152

8.1 Observation and recording methods 152

9 Planning i n early years childcare 165

9.1 The purpose of a child-centred approach 165

9.2 The purpose of the planning cycle 167

9.3 The planning cycle 171

Glossary 175

Index 178

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