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Water Regulations Guide 2nd Edition (PDF)

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About the Water Regulations Guide

Last 2nd edition: Third Impression;
Published: United Kingdom
Pages: 250 pages
Publisher: WRAS
Language: English

Size: 111 Mb

Incorporating the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and the Water Byelaws 2000, Scotland.
For the most part, the Regulations are a repeat of some of the former Byelaws which were applied in England and Wales and were applied in Scotland. Installers and users of water fittings must not cause or permit waste, misuse, undue consumption or contamination of the supply of wholesome water. The differences in the Regulations
are noticeable in the sections on notification, backflow prevention and flushing of WCs.

There is also a general move towards conservation of water The Regulations and the Schedules to the Regulations are published with the permission of the DETR.The DETRformal Guidance to the Regulations and the Schedules, the 'G' clauses, are also published in this Guide and also with the permission of the DETR.

Much will be found to be familiar about the Water Supply Industry 'Recommendations and Comments' ('R' clauses) as many have been extracted from the earlier publication, the 'Water Supply Byelaws Guide'. Newguidance will be found mostly in the sections on backflow prevention and flushing of WCs.

The predecessor 'Water Byelaws Guide' proved to be of inestimable value to those designing fittings, making fittings and the installing and the controlling of the installation of water fittings. In the light of enhanced enforcement procedures this new Guide, produced by Laurie Young,a consulting engineer specialising in water services and Graham Mays, the former manager of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme on behalf of, and to the requirements and approval of, the Water Supply Industry, should prove, with its improved illustrations and layout, of even more use and help to its readers than the earlier book.

References are made in the Guide to European Standards (ENs),and British Standards (BSs). Readers should be aware that a European Standard is in preparation, EN806 , Parts 1 to 5 which refers to plumbing installations in buildings.

References to approved fittings and appliances and any specific installation instructions may be found in the 'Water Fittings and Materials Directory' published by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme.


Notes on the Use of the Water Regulations Guide
Summary of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999
The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 -
Made under Sections 74, 84 and 213(2) of the Water Industry Act 1991
The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999
Made under Sections 74, 84 and 213(2) of the Water Industry Act 1991
Part I Preliminary
Part II Requirements
Part III Enforcement etc.
General Guidance on the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 and the
Water Byelaws 2000, Scotland
SCHEDULE 1 - Fluid Categories (covering Regulations and Byelaws)
Determination fluid categories 1 to 5
SCHEDULE 2 - Requirements for Water Fittings (covering Regulations and Byelaws)
Section paragraphs
6.1 (Schedule 1)
6.2 (Schedule 2)
6.3 (Regulators specification)
Materials and substances in contact with wafer
Requirements for water fittings
Water system design and installation
Prevention of cross connection to unwholesome water
Backflow prevention
Fluid categories
Backflow prevention
Regulators specification for backflow arrangements and devices
Guidance Clauses relating to backflow prevention
Cold water services
Hot water services
WCS, flushing devices and urinals
Baths, sinks, showers and taps
Washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances
Waterfowl outside use
SCHEDULE 3 - Byelaws Revoked
A copy of schedule 3 to the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 has not been included in this Guide
Abbreviations and symbols (overleaf and at the last leaf of the book)

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