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The Complete Nail Technician, 4th Edition 2017 (PDF)

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Pages: 384 pages
Size: 16 MB
Publisher: Virginia Thorp
Author (s): Marian Newman
Language: English
Date of Publication: 2017

Fully updated with the latest industry standards, this fourth edition of The Complete Nail Technician by Marian Newman, is a must-have for every nail technician* From the first time student studying towards your Level 2 or 3 qualification to the practising professional seeking to refresh your skills, this respected book will appeal to those who want to develop excellence in the profession.

Written in Newman's accessible and professional style, this text provides you with the benefit of her extensive
experience by passing on top tips and advice. This textbook is endorsed by VTCT, and is an essential reference
manual for all nail technicians and manicurists.

New to this Edition
New chapter on gel polish manicure.
Extended coverage in the chemistry chapter to include the basis of gel systems.
An expanded business chapter to help the nail professional develop a commercial and relevant business in today's market.
New nail art techniques with guest artists sharing their skills and ideas.


Acknowledgements viii
About VTCT viii
Note from the author ix
About the book x
1 Starting out: you and your industry 1
Learning objectives 1
Introduction to nail services and treatments 1
A brief history 2
The modern nail professional 3
Career routes 7
Summary 16
2 Anatomy and physiology as related to nail services 17
Learning objectives 17
Introduction 17
Essential knowledge 18
The skin 19
Blood circulation 27
The lymphatic system 32
The bones of the hands and feet 34
Muscles 38
The nervous system 42
The nail unit 44
The nail plate 48
The process of nail growth 54
Summary 56
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 56
3 Essential chemistry for nail professionals 57
Learning objectives 57
Introduction 57
What is a chemical? 59
What are organic products? 60
What is acrylic? 62
Polymerization or curing 65
Systems 67
Other products used by nail professionals 84
Artificial nail removal 85
Cosmetic products and ingredients 90
Summary 91
4 Your working environment 92
Learning objectives 92
Introduction 92
Equipment 93
Using nail products safely 97
Inhalation, ingestion and absorption 97
Sterilization, disinfection and cleaning 104
Legislation for salons and equipment 106
Tools of the trade: correct use and cleaning 112
Summary 119
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 119
5 You and your client 120
Learning objectives 120
Introduction 120
Allergies and overexposure 121
Treatable and untreatable conditions 123
The nail professional and communication 128
Client consultation and assessment 129
Client preparation 133
Summary 134
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 134
6 Providing a manicure treatment 135
Learning objectives 135
Introduction 135
Hand and nail treatments 136
Manicure techniques 137
Step-by-step: Cuticle work 142
Step-by-step: massage routine 145
Manicure treatments 156
Manicure treatments for common nail and skin conditions 161
Conditions that can benefit from a manicure 162
Aftercare advice 163
Summary 164
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 165
7 Providing a pedicure treatment 166
Learning objectives 166
Introduction 166
Why a pedicure? 166
Foot and toenail treatments 167
Pedicure techniques 168
Step-by-step: Massage 173
Pedicure treatment 178
Step-by-step: Pedicure 179
Step-by-step: Luxury pedicure 181
Pedicure treatments for common nail and skin conditions 182
Aftercare advice 182
Summary 183
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 183
8 Providing a UV gel polish manicure 184
Learning objectives 184
Introduction 184
What is UV gel polish? 185
Who is a suitable client? 186
Preparing for a gel polish manicure and pedicure 187
Applying UV gel polish 188
Step-by-step: Applying UV gel polish 189
Client aftercare advice 189
Removal procedure 190
Step-by-step: Removal of UV gel polish 191
Troubleshooting 191
Summary 193
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 193
9 Applying tips to the nails 194
Learning objectives 194
Introduction 194
Preparing the natural nail 195
Adhesives 197
Applying a plastic tip 198
Step-by-step: Preparation and tip application 206
Problem nail shapes and how to correct them 207
Alternative tips 211
Summary 212
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 212
10 Applying overlays 213
Learning objectives 213
Introduction 213
Wrap techniques 214
The systems in use 214
The structure of the overlay 217
Step-by-step: Application using white-tip powder polymer 223
Step-by-step: Reverse application technique for two-colour overlays 227
Step-by-step: Applying the fibre system 231
Problem shapes 232
Step-by-step: Creating artificial nails using a nail form 234
Practice makes perfect 236
Aftercare advice 236
Summary 237
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 237
11 The art and skill of applying sculptured nails 238
Learning objectives 238
Introduction 238
Sculptured nails or plastic tips? 238
Systems and forms 239
Step-by-step: Fitting a form 240
Step-by-step: Sculpting with a UV gel 241
Step-by-step: Sculpted overlay 243
Alternative shapes and extreme nails 244
Remedial sculpting 248
Summary 249
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 249
12 Maintaining artificial nails 250
Learning objectives 250
Introduction 250
Value of maintenance 250
Need for regular maintenance 251
Maintenance treatments 251
Step-by-step: Monomer and polymer infill 257
Step-by-step: Monomer and polymer rebalance 259
Step-by-step: Fibre infill 259
Self-assessment skills 260
Nail diseases and disorders 262
The removal of artificial nails 263
Summary 268
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 268
13 Business matters 269
Learning objectives 269
Introduction 269
Some business essentials 270
Contributing to or creating an effective business 272
Working for yourself 273
Promoting the business 275
Investigating a business idea 279
Working as a freelance technician 281
The financials 289
Evaluate your business 292
Summary 293
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 293
14 Nail art, basic and advanced 294
Learning objectives 294
Introduction 294
Nail art for your clients 295
The basic techniques 296
Nail art using UV gel polish 301
Step-by-step: Imperial pastel (using polish) by Fee Wallace 306
Step-by-step: Extreme blues (using gel polish and polish) by Fee Wallace 306
Step-by-step: Wild and gentle (using gel polish and loose pigments) by Fee Wallace 307
More advanced nail art 308
Step-by-step: How to draw roses (by Sam Biddle) 310
Step-by-step: A design using aquarelle (by Hazel Dixon) 312
Step-by-step: A design using pigments and watercolor techniques (by Sam Biddle) 313
Step-by-step: Autumn nails using coloured monomer and polymer (by Aet Kase) 325
Step-by-step: ‘Sunny stones’ (by Aet Kase) 326
Step-by-step: For stiletto nails (by Kelly Winterburn, Sweet Squared) 328
Summary 329
15 Develop your career 330
Learning objectives 330
Introduction 330
Media work 331
Fashion shows 337
Lookbooks, portfolios and mood boards 339
Summary 343
Assessment of knowledge and understanding 343
16 Using electric files 344
Learning objectives 344
Introduction 344
Uses of the e-file 345
Anatomy of an e-file 346
Cleaning 348
Safe techniques for using an e-file 348
Step-by-step: Using an e-file during a pedicure 356
Summary 356
Glossary of terms 357
Index 364

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