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Survey your home for Structural Building Defects Edition 2015 (PDF)

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Edition: 2015
Pages: 116
Author(s): Chris Jenner
Language: English
Size: 58 Mb

This second edition has been updated with new photographs, lots more tips, warnings and general advice to provide the homeowner, property developer, student, professional & property purchaser with a quick and
easy reference guide to identify some of the more common structural building defects found in traditionally built residential properties.

it includes a comprehensive structural inspection checklist which has been referenced to the structural building defects section. The inspection checklist will direct the reader to the key elements of the building structure to inspect whilst the structural building defects section includes general advice on what to look out for, why it has
happened and what to do now.

This book has been developed by consolidating my many years of structural engineering experience in carrying out inspections and specifying repair works for structural defects found in residential properties, however diagnosis of structural defects can be complex as every building is individual in character and many factors can contribute to defects identified.

This book aims to provide guidance to identify structural defects found in residential properties. It does not deal with issues or problems associated with building aesthetics, building fabric, services,thermal or acoustic comfort, medium, high rise or special structures. Special structures can include residential properties built using nontraditional construction techniques (sometimes local to the geographical area) or buildings often referred to as 'system built'.

Defects found in this type of property usually require the advice of a professional, as building
standards and workmanship are different than that found in traditionally constructed properties and are likely to be outside the scope of this book.


Introduction 8
Definitions 10
Common Types of Professional Inspections & Reports by Qualified Experts 12
Section 1 The Structural Inspection 14
SectionAResearch,Investigation,Inspectionof the Site/SurroundingArea 16
Al Online Services 16
A2 Local Authority Services 16
A3 Public Utilities 16
A4 Environment Agency & Flood Risk 17
A5 British Geological Survey 17
A6 Property Age 18
A7 Environment 18
ASLandscape 18
A9 Trees 19
A10 Drainage 20
All The Surrounding Area & Neighbouring Property 21
SectionBInspectionof the BuildingStructure 22
Bl Building Type 22
B2 Building Extensions and Projections 22
B3 Roofs and Chimneys 23
B4 Walls 24
B5 Wall Construction 25
B6 Wall Construction Material 26
B7 Foundations 27
B8 Floors and Ceilings 27
B9 Structural Alterations 28
BIO Building Maintenance 29
Bll Recent Repairsand Decoration 29
B12 Moisture and Insect Damage 29
B13 Concrete 29
Section 2 Structural Building Defects 31
BD 1.0 Roof Defects 32
BD 2.0 Roof Structure Examples 36
BD3,0 Chimneys 37
BD4.0 Bay Windows 39
BD5.0 Walls - CrackMeasurement Guide 41
BD6.0 Walls - Wall Materials 42
BD7.0 Walls - Thermal and Moisture Movement 50
BD8.0 Walls - Cracks Above Openings 52
BD9.0 Walls - Undulating Masonry Walls 54
BD10.0 Walls - Wall Tie Failure in Cavity Walls 56
BD11.0 Walls - Timber Built into and Supporting Walls 57
BD12.0 Walls - Retaining and Freestanding Walls 59
BD13.0 Foundation Movement and Subsidence 61
BD14.0 Influence of Treeson Clay Soils 70
BD15.0 Chemical Attack 71
BD16.0 Floors 74
BD 17.0 Notching and Drilling of Timber Members 76
BD18.0 Ground Bearing Floor Slabs 77
BD 19.0 Concrete Defects 80
BD 20.0 Moisture in Buildings 85
BD 21.0 Timber Rot 90
BD 22.0 Modern Timber Framed Housing 92
BD 23.0 Insect Attack on Timber 96
BD24.0 Structural Alterations 97
BD25.0 Fire Damage 100
BD26.0 Vehicle Impact Damage 101
BD27.0 Poor Design and Workmanship 101
Section 3 Routine Building Maintenance 103
BMl Roofsand Chimneys 104
BM2 Inside the Loft 104
BM3 Balconies and Parapets 104
BM4 Leadand Cement Flashings 105
BM5 Outside Walls 105
BM6 External Timber Windows and Doors 105
BM7 Basements 106
BM8 Plumbing Heating and Electrics 106
BM9 Decorations 106
BM10 Drainage 107
BM11 In the Garden 107
BM12 Health 107
Sources 111
Index 113

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