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RIBA Plan of Work 2013 Guide Design Management (PDF)

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Edition: 2014
Pages: 208
Author(s): Dale Sinclair
Publisher: RIBA
Language: English
Size: 73 Mb

This Design Management Guide is a timely publication, coming as it does at a point when the time pressures on the design process are so intense. In the pre-construction period, the design process is increasingly compacted
into a shorter period as the wish to get on to site earlier with a high degree of cost certainty increases.

There is then the conflicting requirement to manage design input that is prepared over an increasingly longer portion of the overall construction process - in particular, that undertaken by contactors and their specialist subcontractors generally simultaneously with the construction period. In such a pressured environment it is welcome to see a renewed focus on the role of the lead designer and the skills and tools needed in managing the production, coordination and integration of the design into the overall project.

The RIBA Plan of Work 2013 aims to raise the knowledge bar on many subjects, including sustainability, Information Exchanges and health and safety. The RIBA Plan of Work 2013 Guides are crucial tools in
disseminating and explaining how these themes are fully addressed and how the new Plan can be harnessed to achieve the new goals and objectives of our clients.


Series editor’s foreword
Acknowledgements and dedication
About the author and series editor
The RIBA Plan of Work 2013
0 Strategic Definition Stage 0
1 Preparation and Brief Stage 1
2 Concept Design Stage 2
3 Developed Design Stage 3
4 Technical Design Stage 4
5 Construction Stage 5
6 Handover and Close Out Stage 6
7 In Use Stage 7
Design management glossary
RIBA Plan of Work 2013 glossary

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