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Residential child care in practice. Make a difference (PDF)

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About the book

Edition 2013;
Pages: 240;
Author: Mark Smith, Leon Fulcher and Peter Doran;
Publisher: The Policy Press;
Language: English;
Size: 1 Mb;

This book demonstrates clearly the complexity of doing this work in a residential context, and also the simplicity of human development that we have been so preoccupied with rendering unnecessarily complicated.

As such, the book inadvertently makes the case for ensuring the right people are caring for young people every day, with clarity about the enormous challenges young people face as they are being cared for.
This work is more than anything else about being with young people, in their everyday experiences, in their lifespan, in their here and now.


About the authors
Foreword by Kiaras Gharabaghi
1 Introduction
2 Safe and secure: a sense of belonging
3 Nurtured: a sense of care
4 Healthy: a sense of wellbeing
5 Achieving and enjoying: education in its widest sense
6 Active: a sense of purpose
7 Respected and responsible: the idea of citizenship
8 Contributing: developing generosity
9 Included: a sense of community participation

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