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Guide to Caravans & Motorhome Electrics (Australian Edition) 2020 (PDF)

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Pages: 199 pages
Size: 148 MB
Publisher: Plingho, Australia
Author (s): Collyn Rivers
Language: English
Publication: 2020

This book, in its fourth (and now eBook) edition is intended primarily forb buyers, owners, designers and builders of camper trailers, holiday and oth er cabins, caravans, camper vans and motorhomes.
It also bridges the still existing gap between the auto-electrical and alternative energy disciplines.

Along the way it provides an insight into major components such as altern ators, regulators, batteries and their charging and monitoring, solar energy and motor-generators.

It explains why solar modules are rated as they are - and what they really produce.
It warns of unrealistic expectations, such as using electric stoves and air-conditioning away from mains power and/or power from large motor-generators.

In essence Caravan & Motorhome Electricsshows how to design affordable systems that really do work, how to install them and how to identify, un derstand and (often) fix anything that does not work as it should.
Caravan & Motorhome Electricsalso covers the already happening changes in ways that alternators may be used for auxiliary RVuse (particularly battery charging).

These changes are primarily intended to reduce energy usage, in cluding by minimising electrical energy drawn by the vehicle’s electrical system, with the aim of reducing emissions.

While RV electrical systems are not overly complex, competent installation and service, particularly for the increasing number of RV swith solar, can still be hard to find. Caravan & Motorhome Electrics’ content therefore in cludes the installation and rectification of solar systems: this is increasingly necessary, not least as solar technician training does not include vehicle charging systems.

Nor do auto-electrical courses cover RV electrics, let alone solar. In most recreational vehicles these systems interact and the general lack of such training leads to many RV shaving system problems reported by many owners as being hard to identify and repair.

Partly because of the above, RV owners and auto electricians worldwide bought the previous editions of what was originally Motorhome Electrics which right from its 2002 beginnings, covered solar.
The book was totally rewritten and its name changed to Caravan & Motor home Electrics in 2013.
The second print run, in September 2014, needed only minor updates.

Recent major changes in alternator and battery technology, however, necessitated the publication of a major 2016 revised (second) edition and now further updated with this (2019) eBook edition.
As this book is intended as a working guide, rather than a text book, it has a number of deliberate duplications to ease that intent.


A complete table of content is available at the end of this book
This books intent
Chapter 1 - Terminology
Chapter 2 - Basic Electrics
Chapter 3 - Overview of an RVs electrical needs
Chapter 4 - Providing the power
Chapter 5 - Scaling the power required
Chapter 6 - Installing safety and legality
Chapter 7 - Installing 12/24 volt wiring
Chapter 8 - Mains-voltage wiring
Chapter 9 - Batteries (general)
Chapter 10 - Installing batteries
Chapter 11 - Battery charging (general)
Chapter 12 - Battery charging (alternators)
Chapter 13 - dc-dc alternator charging
Chapter 14 - Installing a dc-dc alternator charger
Chapter 15 - Variable voltage alternator charging
Chapter 16 - Inverters
Chapter 17 - Installing an inverter
Chapter 18 - Generators
Chapter 19 - Installing a generator
Chapter 20 - Wind power generators
Chapter 21 - Fuel cells
Chapter 22 - Solar energy
Chapter 23 - Installing solar modules
Chapter 24 - Solar regulators
Chapter 25 - Installing solar regulators
Chapter 26 - Energy monitoring
Chapter 27 - Installing energy monitors
Chapter 28 - Lighting
Chapter 29 - Water
Chapter 30 - Electric toilets
Chapter 31 - Refrigerators
Chapter 32 - Installing & optimising fridges
Chapter 33 - Television
Chapter 34 - Communications
Chapter 35 - Electrical & radio interference
Chapter 36 - Lightning protection
Chapter 37 - Caravan specific issues
Chapter 38 - Example systems
Chapter 39 - Frequently asked questions
Chapter 40 - Import electrical issues
Chapter 41 - Contacts & references
Detailed Table of Contents

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