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NICEIC Guide Domestic Periodic Inspection, Testing and Reporting updated to 18th Edition 2018 (PDF)

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About the book

Edition 2018
Pages: 168
Publisher: NICEIC / ELECSA / ECA
Language: English
Size: 81 Mb;

This Guide is aimed primarily at NICEIC Approved Contractors and Conforming Bodies, and is also applicable to others, who undertake periodic inspection of electrical installations in domestic and small installations, having single-phase supplies not exceeding 100 A.

The practical advice and guidance provided is not intended to instruct untrained and inexperienced persons to undertake the inspection and testing of electrical installations.

The content covers requirements relating to the inspection, testing and reporting of electrical installations in dwellings and similar premises forming part of TN-C-S, TN~S and TT systems.

lt is intended to complement Chapter 65 of BS 7671 and the information and advice provided in other authoritative publications such as the NICEIC and ELECSA Guide 'Inspection, Testing and Certifications
This Guide does not cover the particular requirements relating to the inspection, testing and reporting of portable appliances. Guidance on inspection, testing and reporting on portable appliances and fixed equipment is given in the NICEIC and ELECSA publication:

'in-Service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT) and the Management Requirements for the Maintenance of Electrical Equipment'


CHAPTER 1. Introduction
Aims and objectives
The purpose of periodic inspection and testing
The inspector
NICEIC and ELECSA Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Reports
Safe working procedures
Test equipment
Pre-inspection survey
Electrical records
Safety assessment
Access equipment
Additional considerations
CHAPTER 2 Compiling Domestic Electrical Installation Condition reports
Part 1: Details of the contractor, client and installation
Part 2: Purpose of the Report
Part 3: Summary of the condition of the installation
Part 4: Declaration
Part 5: Next inspection
Part 6: Observations and recommendations for actions to be taken
Part 7: Details and limitations on the inspection and testing
Part 8: Supply characteristics and earthing arrangements
Part 9: Particulars of installation referred to in this Report
Part ll: Schedules and additional pages
CHAPTER 3 Schedule of Circuit Details and Tes Results
Circuit details
Circuits/equipment vulnerable to damage when testing
Circuit description
Type of wiring, Reference Method and Number of points served
Circuit conductor csa
Maximum disconnection time permitted by BS 7671
Protective device
RCD: operating current,An (mA)
Maximum permitted 25 for installed protective device
Test results
Circuit impedances: ring final circuits only, r1, rn, r2
Circuit impedances: (R1 + R2)
Circuit impedances: (R2)
Insulation resistance
Maximum measured earth fault loop impedance Zs
RCD operating time
Test buttons
Details relating to the consumer unit
Tested by
Test instruments
Continuation sheets
Additional information for Reports
CHAPTER 4 The Schedule of items Inspected
Completion of the Schedule of Items Inspected
The Schedule of Items Inspected
External condition of intake equipment (visual inspection only)
Presence of adequate arrangements for other sources
Earthing and bonding arrangements
Earth electrode
Earthing conductor
Main protective bonding conductors
Consumer unit(s) / Distribution board(s)
Distribution / final circuits
Isolation and switching
Current-using equipment (permanently connected)
Location(s) containing a bath or shower
Other Part 7 special installations or locations
CHAPTER 5. Testing
Instruments and accuracy
Tests that may need to be conducted for condition reporting
Tests conducted at the intake position
Continuity of main protective conductors
Live polarity
External earth fault loop impedance, Ze
Measurement of maximum prospective fault current
Tests conducted on the installation circuits (Dead testing)
Continuity of protective conductors
Continuity of ring final circuits
Insulation resistance
Protection by SELV, PELV or by electrical separation
Tests conducted on the installation circuits (Live testing)
Protection by automatic disconnection of supply (ADS)
Measurement of earth fault loop impedance (ZS)
Verifying earth fault loop impedance test results
Verification of circuits connected to TN systems
Verification of circuits connected to TT systems
Alternative approach for verifying ADS
Verifying the effectiveness of an RCD
RCD testing
Additional protection
Functional testing
Test instruments
Classification codes
Type B circuit-breakers to BS 3871 with push-button operation
IP codes
Resistance of copper conductors

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