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Early Childhood Education 5th Edition (PDF)

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About the Early Childhood Education 5th Edition:

Last Published: 2015;
Pages: 237 pages;
Size: 30 Mb;
Author: Tina Bruce;
Imprint: Hodder Education;
Language: English;

The core principles in the first edition, extrapolated from the writings of pioneer educators — especially Froebel, Montessori and Steiner - arc, it seems, as important now, if nor more so, as they were in 1987. In this fifth edition these principles arc revisited in the hope that their practical implications will help early childhood practitioners of all kinds, to make progress in the important work that they do with young children and their families.

Chapter 1 looks at three different views of the child; Chapter 2 explores the work of three pioneer educators. Chapter 3 addresses the importance of the first three years, and Chapter 4 looks at the importance of play.

Chapter 5 gives examples of schemas.

Chapter 6 gives the child’s journey into representation, while Chapter 7 focuses on communication, language and literacy. Chapter 8 shows how children develop understanding of
their own feelings and thoughts and those of other people.

Chapter 9 emphasizes the role of the adult in development, as well as the importance of other children, as both matter to children.

Chapter 10 is about diversity,
inclusion and equalities, and Chapter II examines how observation informs assessment, planning and evaluation.
The book finishes with four action points comprising an agenda for change that emphasizes the socio-cultural context in which children develop and grow up, together with the biological aspects of child development and learning.

These guard against stagnation and enable the contribution of the early childhood traditions to be seamlessly integrated into a continually renewed and regenerated framework for early childhood practitioners.


introduction to the fifth edition
Part 1
Early childhood education traditions: what they are and where they come from
1 Three different views of the child
2 Ten principles of the pioneers: the bedrock of the early childhood traditions
3 The first three years
Part 2 Applying the principles
4 Play
5 Schemas
6 Representation children as symbol users
7 Communicating with and without words: the foundation of literacy
8 Learning how you and other people feel and think
9 People who matter to children
10 Diversity and inclusion
11 Observation that informs assessment, planning and evaluation
12 The way forward
Bibliography and references

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