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Domestic Installers Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Pages: 108 pages
Size: 49 MB
Publisher: Anagram Technology
Author (s): Lee Svassyet
Language: English
Date of Publication: 2021

This guide applies to the installation of Domestic dedicated conductive charging equipment for the charging of Electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles.

Domestic installations apply to premises, which are classified as a self contained dwelling or unit designed to accommodate a single household, or any outbuilding (such as a detached garage) supplied by the electrical installation of this type or premises.

This guide sets out the actions to assist the Domestic Installer when installing EV Charge Point Units for Domestic Installations.

It is important to understand that this guide is a "tool of assistance". Priority and authority of information, regulations, and technical information is found in other documents and publications (see Chapter 2).
This guide is a companion aid to be used alongside the Related Documents in chapter 2.
This Guide is called The Domestic Installers Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation (DIG-EV).


1 Scope and Limitations 3
2 Related Documents 4
3 Risk Assessment 5
4 Installation Notifications and Checks 6
5 Aborted Installations 7
6 Maximum Demand 9
7 Earthing Systems and Arrangements 16
8 Earthing and Bonding 24
9 Protection 27
10 Open-PEN Monitoring Device 34
11 RCD Selection and Blinding 36
12 Electrical test equipment for use on low voltage electrical systems 39
13 Inspection & Testing Procedure 41
14 Continuity of Protective Conductors
15 Live Testing 48
16 Earth Fault Loop Impedance Test (TN Systems) 49
17 Earth electrode resistance 54
16 Phase sequencing 56
19 RCD Testing 57
20 Functional Tests 60
21 Certification 60
22 Standard Installation 62
23 Safe Isolation Procedure and Requirements 74
24 Identifying & Proving a Safe Condition Point 77
25 Live Metal Work Check 79
26 Switching off the Consumer Unit 80
27 Polarity test at Service Head Cut-out 82
28 Proving Dead at Service Head Cut-out 83
29 Appendix 1 Removing the Cut-Out Fuse 85
30 Appendix 2 Building Regulations 90
31Competent person scheme 93
32 Annex 1 Dangers of incoming crossed polarity 95
33 Index 99

Tags: Guide to Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment Installation

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