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NICEIC Domestic Gas Safety On-Site Guide Part 1 Edition 2023 (Included Corrigendum – May 2023) (PDF)

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Publisher: Certsure LLP
Author (s): Stuart Somerville, Stuart Callan and Peter Gordon, Stuart Somerville, Chris Long.
Pages: 323
Edition: 2023
Language: English
Size: 134 Mb

Part 1 of this 2-part Guide deals with matters related to:
• Legislation - the regulations that we must work to in order to maintain safety and how they interact with one another.
• Combustion - from technical fundamentals through to measuring the combustion process.
• Flueing & ventilation - flueing &ventilation types and their configurations through to routing and termination/ communication
• Gas pipework - from materials used through to routing jointing, protection and sizing.
• Tightness testing & direct purging - the procedures for testing and commissioning new and existing gas pipework.
...and much more besides.


Chapter 1. Gas Safety Legislation
Chapter 2. Gas Emergency
Chapter 3. Combustion & Combustion Performance Analysis
Chapter 4. Ventilation
Chapter 5. Pipework
Chapter 6. Tightness Testing & Purging
Chapter 7. Checking & Setting Regulators
Chapter 8. Gas Industry Unsafe Situations Procedure
Chapter 9. Gas Rate & Heat Input
Chapter 10. Safety Devices & Controls
Chapter 11. Flueing/Chimney Standards
Chapter 12. Re-Establishing Gas Supplies
Chapter 13. Labels & Notices
Glossary & SI Units

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