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BPEC Core Domestic Gas Safety Learning Manual (PDF)

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Format: PDF
Pages: 402
Publisher: BPEC
Language: English
First Edition: February 2017
Size: 122 Mb
Author: BPEC

This PDF book consists of two parts and covers 20 technical modules and the main issues of gas safety and work on gas appliances that Gas engineers usually face in the industry.

This Core Domestic Gas Safety Learning Manual can also be used as a guide for Gas engineers in their work.

It was written by the authors from BPEC- a well-known organization in the UK in the field of training Gas engineers.

All gas operatives are required to demonstrate their competence in gas safety, installation, service, and maintenance.
Since 1 August 1998, this certification of competence has been carried out by a nationally accredited organization -Certification Scheme (ACS) for individual gas operators.

Each operative is required to successfully complete the assessment requirements set by the accredited certification body and then reassess every 5 years.

This book contains all the information you need to prepare for the ACS Assessment Test.


Module 1 – Gas Safety Legislation
Module 2 – Gas Emergency Actions and Procedures
Module 3 – Characteristics of Combustion
Module 4 – Ventilation
Module 5 – Installation of Pipework and Fittings
Module 6 – Testing for Tightness
Module 7 – Checking and/or Setting Meter Regulators
Module 8 – Identification of Unsafe Situations, Emergency Notices and Warning Labels
Module 9 – The Operation and Positioning of Emergency Isolation Controls and Valves
Module 10 – Checking and Setting Appliance Burner Pressures and Gas Rates
Module 11 – The Operation and Checking of Appliance Gas Safety Devices and Controls
Module 12 – Chimney Standards
Module 13 – Chimney Flue Testing
Module 14 – Installation of Open, Balanced and Fan Assisted Chimney Configurations
Module 15 – Re-establishing Gas Supplies and Re-lighting Appliances
Module 16 – Knowledge Questions and Model Answers

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