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Code of Practice Building Automation and Control Systems Edition 2020 (PDF)

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Pages: 171
Size: 77 MB
Edition: 2020
Publisher: IET
Language: English

The objective of this Code of Practice is to provide knowledge, understanding and good practice guidance on the design, evaluation, implementation of and improvements to the use of automated controls used in mechanical and electrical engineering systems within the built environment.

This Code of Practice aims to provide clear and concise information on building automation and control systems (BAGS), which can be developed and applied to a number of different installations. There is no single solution: building controls must be specifically tailored to meet particular user needs, local technical requirements and the
constraints of budgets and resources. However, the principal aspects will apply to all installations.



1.1 Objective
1.2 Aim
1.3 Context: the need for the control of building services
1.4 Controls and automation of buildings services: summary of why, where and how
1.5 Types of organizations/sites
1.6 Who should use this Code of Practice?
1.7 Energy efficiency
1.8 Using this Code of Practice
2 Building automation and control systems
2.1 Definitions and clarifications
2.2 Focus of building automation and controls
2.3 Scope of building controls
2.4 Energy performance system classification for BACS
2.5 Stakeholder responsibilities for BACS classification
2.6 Using the system classification for BACS
2.7 Design and operational planning process
2.8 BACS design development process
2.9 BACS operational process
2.10 Influence of categories on building profiles
2.11 Type of installation (building services)
2.12 Integration using BACS
2.13 Security and resilience of BACS
3 BACS specification criteria
3.1 Design considerations
3.2 Design and integration
3.3 Life cycle design considerations
3.4 Specification process
4 BACS operational criteria
4.1 Structure of BS EN 15232-122017
4.2 Energy demand
Appendix A Design and operational assessment tool
A.1 Heating
A.2 Domestic hot water
A.3 Cooling
A.4 Ventilation and air-conditioning
A.5 Lighting
A.6 Blind controls
A.7 Technical home and building management
Appendix B Energy management assessment tool
Appendix C Links to energy management and energy efficiency
C.1 Link to energy management
C.2 Energy use
C.3 Energy efficiency
C.4 Energy consumption
C.5 Energy intensity
C.6 Energy improvement
C.7 Link to energy efficiency
C.8 Energy supply
C.9 Control of energy inputs
C.10 Energy system loads
C.11 Utilization of control output
Appendix D BACS evaluation and self-assessment checklists
D.1 BACS design and operational self-assessments
D.2 BACS Operational classification
Appendix E Worked examples
E.1 BACS energy performance: detailed BS EN 15232 assessment
E.2 BACS energy performance: estimated BS EN 15232 assessment
E.3 Worked example: design strategy
E.4 Worked example: EU.bac overview
Appendix F Competency and training
F.1 Stakeholders
F.2 BACS skill sets and levels of cognitive process learning
F.3 BACS skill sets and types of knowledge
F.4 BACS skills hierarchy matrix
F.5 RIBA design stages, BACS stakeholders and levels of cognitive process learning
Appendix G Standards and references
G.1 BACS design standards
G.2 BACS operational and evaluation standards

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