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Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Digital Media (PDF)

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Edition: 2016;
Pages: 879;
Author: Victoria Allen, Karl Davis, Richard Howe, Ian Marshall, Kevin Wells;
Publisher: Hodder Education;
Language: English;
Size: 11 Mb;

This book helps you to master the skills and knowledge you need for the OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3
Digital Media qualification.
This resource is endorsed by OCR for use with specification Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Digital Media. In order to gain OCR endorsement, this resource has undergone an independent quality check.

Any references to assessment and/or assessment preparation are the publisher's interpretation of the specification requirements and are not endorsed by OCR. OCR recommends that a range of teaching and
learning resources are used in preparing learners for assessment.


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About this book
Unit 1 Media products and audiences
Unit 2 Pre-production and planning
Unit 3 Create a media product
Unit 4 Interactive media product
Unit 5 TV and short film production
Unit 6 Social media and globalization
Unit 8 Photography for digital media products
Unit 10 Create a digital animation
Unit 11 3D digital modeling
Unit 15 Create audio-visual promos
Unit 16 The creation and use of sound in media
Unit 19 UK broadcasting
Unit 20 Advertising media
Unit 21 Plan and deliver a pitch for a media product

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