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Calculations for Electricians and Designers 4th Edition 2019 (PDF)

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About the book

First edition 2019
Pages: 207
Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Language: English;
Size: 145 Mb;

This book provides step-by-step guidance on the design of electrical installations, from domestic installation final circuit design to fault level calculations for LV/large LV systems. Apprentices and trainees will find it very helpful in carrying out the calculations necessary for a basic installation.

The book has also been prepared to provide a design sequence, calculations and data for a complete design. All necessary cable and equipment data to carry out the calculations is included. Consultants will be able to check the calculations of their design packages.

It includes calculations and necessary reference data not found in the
design packages, such as cable conductor and sheath temperatures and allowances for harmonics.


Cooperating organizations
Chapter I Design sequence
Load characteristics
Supply characteristics
Installation outline
Distribution design
Standard final circuits
Isolation and switching
Final assessment
BS 7671
Chapter 2 Simple installations and final circuits
Supply characteristics
Fault rating of switch-gear
Final circuit over-current protective devices and cables
Final circuit voltage drop limitations
Fault protection
Short-circuit current protection
Protective conductors
Standard final circuits
Chapter 3 Maximum demand and diversity
Installation outline
Final circuit current demand
Diversity between final circuits
Complex installations
Chapter 4 Selection of cables for current-carrying capacity
Preliminary design
Over-current requirements
Current-carrying capacity tables
Protection against overload and short-circuit
Protection against fault current only (omission of overload protection)
Corrections for grouping not liable to simultaneous overload
Chapter 5 Voltage drop
Voltage drop in consumers' installations
Distribution system voltage drop
Basic voltage drop calculation
Correction for inductance
Correction for load power factor
Correction for conductor operating temperature
Correction for both conductor operating temperature and load power factor
Chapter 6 Calculation of fault current 11
Determination of prospective fault current
Determined by inquiry
Determined by calculation
Chapter 7 Shock protection
Shock protection
Protective measure: automatic disconnection of supply
Circuit calculations
Chapter 8 Protection against fault current
The adiabatic equation
Selection from Table 54.7
Introduction to calculations
Simple calculation
Energy let-through calculation
Plotting protective conductor adiabatic
Protective conductor as a sheath or armour of a cable
Plotting of cable armor adiabatic
Calculation of armor capability
Conduit and trunking
Earthing and bonding conductors
Chapter 9 Calculations associated with testing
Earth fault loop impedance ZS
Reduced section protective conductors
Chapter 10 Impedance of copper and aluminum conductors
Conductor resistance and temperature
Impedance of cables from voltage drop tables
Chapter 11 Harmonics
Cable ratings
Voltage drop
Over-current protection
Chapter  12 Protection against voltage disturbances
Power frequency fault voltages
Power frequency stress voltages
Earthing of 11 kV substations
Chapter 13 Bus-bar trunking
Voltage drop
Fault currents
Appendix A Symbols
Appendix B Standard final circuits
Appendix c Avoidance of unintentional operation of circuit-breakers
C1 Lighting circuit applications
Appendix D Further cable calculations
D.1 Cable life
D.2 Temperatures (core and sheath) (Effect of load current on conductor operating temperature)
D3 Inductance of cables in parallel
D4 Calculation of sheath voltages
Appendix E Symbols from CENELEC report CLC/TR 50480
Appendix F Equipment data

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