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Building Surveyor's Pocket Book Edition 2021 (PDF)

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Edition: 2021
Pages: 391
Author(s): Melanie Smith and Christopher Gorse
Publisher: Routledge
Language: English
Size: 25 Mb

Building Surveyor's Pocket Book is an accessible encyclopaedia of matters vital to building surveyors. Well-illustrated with diagrams, pictures, tables, and graphs, it covers all essential elements of building pathology, building performance, and building construction terminology in a simple, accessible way for the practitioner and student.

This Pocket Book provides a practical and portable reference text, working as a first-stop publication for those wishing to refresh their knowledge or in need of guidance on surveying practice. Working through fundamental principles in key practice areas, the book is not overly bound by the regulation and legislation of one region, and the principles can be applied internationally.

This book is ideal reading for individual surveyors, practitioners, and students in building surveying, facilities management, refurbishment, maintenance, renovation, and services management. It is also of use for those interested in building forensics, building performance, pathology, and anyone studying for their RICS APC. Many other professions in architecture, contracting, engineering, and safety will also find the book of use when undertaking similar practice.


Acknowledgements and contributors ix
1 Building surveying: an introduction 1
Surveying for property investment 4
Surveying for building works 5
Surveying for legislation 5
Surveying activities discussion and summary 6
Models of survey approaches 6
Building surveying and sustainability 9
2 Form and construction 1 1
Building form 11
Wind and building form 14
Wind in urban areas 14
Protecting the building envelope from rain and solar 16
Ground floors 18
Walls 21
Walls and upgrade risks 22
Functional requirement of walls 23
Strength and stability of existing walls 24
Wall construction, the positioning of insulation and condensation 26
Comparing different walls and their thermal properties 29
Walls and conservation of energy 29
Foundations 30
Functional requirements 30
Differential settlement 31
Seasonal variation in clay soils 32
Foundation types 32
Strip foundation 33
Pad foundations 35
Combined foundations 36
Raft foundations 37
Pile foundations 38
Placing of piles 39
Jacked piles 40
Ground stabilization 42
Heat transfer through the foundation structure 42
References 44
3 Legal and regulatory frameworks 45
Building works and building regulation 45
Planning and historic listing or registration 48
Adjoining property and neighborly matters 57
Party walls 57
Acoustics and noise control: Minimizing noise transition 62
Contracts 65
Landlord and Tenant 68
Decent Homes 68
Dilapidation 70
Types of survey 73
Health and safety 76
Exclusivity 82
References 86
Guidance. Standards and Codes 87
4 Building pathology 89
Introduction 89
Traditional and modern construction 89
Defect management 96
The trouble with water 97
Damp 101
Condensation 102
Penetrating damp 104
Rising damp 105
Mould, decay fungi, and bacteria 106
Everything under the sun 108
Timber infestation: fungal attack and insects 111
All together now! Complex interactions 112
Concrete 113
Movement and stability 118
5 Retrofitting and refurbishment 134
Introduction 134
Considerations for refurbishment 136
Upgrading thermal performance 139
Discussion surrounding thermal upgrades 143
Underpinning 151
Upgrading acoustic performance 152
Upgrading fire protection 155
Fashion 164
References 167
6 Thermal performance 169
Introduction to thermal performance 169
Thermal comfort 174
Refocusing sustainability assessment methods: A comparative
introduction to the Building Energy Rating (BER)Certificate 182
Thermal performance 199
Thermal performance of existing buildings and retrofit 206
Emerging themes: Gap sand needs in building performance
Simulation for building retrofit t 216
7 Fire safety 219
Vature and development of fire 219
Effects of a fire: Physiological and behavioral 229
Fire precautions from first principles 238
Means of escape 245
External fire spread 245
Introduction to fire engineering concepts 248
8 Disasters and the built environment 252
Masters 252
Disaster management cycle 259
Sustainability 263
Housing in LDCsand post-disaster contexts: Approaches,
participation, and barriers 267
References 272
9 Environmental considerations 276
Environmental issues 276
Ground 277
Flooding 296
Flora and fauna 298
Climate and construction 301
References 306
10 Sustainability 310
Sustainability: An introduction 310
Managing sustainability: Introduction 319
Construction materials and sustainability: An introduction 326
References and further reading 339
11 Glossary and reference section
Glossary 341
Reference Section 354
References 364
Index 367

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