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BPEC Electrical Central Heating Systems, Controls and Wiring Layouts Edition 2017 (PDF)

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Pages: 43 pages
Size: 11 MB
Publisher: BPEC
Author (s): BPEC
Language: English
Date of Publication: 2017

The material and information contained in this learning manual is for the purpose of study and reference only which may lead to gaining a recognised gas qualification.
The material contained within this manual was correct at the time of publication.
Anyone working on Gas Appliances has to be qualified and registered with the appropriate Gas scheme provider e.g. in the UK this would be Gas Safe.
There are many different designs of central heating systems ranging from the very simple to the highly sophisticated.

They have evolved over the years from very large steel pipe gravity systems to the compact fully pumped small bore or even micro bore systems in copper and plastic we see today.
Thus the heating market continues to evolve and incorporate the changes brought about by legislation or by innovation in systems and boiler design.

Boilers have become smaller and more compact with room-sealed flues and more efficient with a range of high efficiency condensing boilers. Combination boilers incorporating sealed systems have continued this progress.
Systems have also improved and now time as well as temperature control is mandatory in heating systems.

For the purpose of this booklet we will concentrate on the more common systems installed in domestic houses.
As you will have to modify existing systems to give time and temperature control of both hot water and central heating when you change a boiler the "older systems" have been included even though we do not install them today.

With each different system we will look at the pipework layout and where the controls are fitted, then the
sequence of operation of the controls.
Often a wiring centre will have been used to help wire the components of the electrical installations together.
They can also be used to aid electrical fault finding on central heating systems.

Introduction 1 Understanding the pipework layout and what the controls are trying to do
Basic Gravity Domestic Hot Water with Pumped Central Heating
Basic Gravity Domestic Hot Water with Pumped Central Heating using a Self Priming Indirect Cylinder
Fully Controlled Gravity Domestic Hot Water with Pumped Central Heating
Basic Fully Pumped System
Fully Pumped System with 1 Motorised Valve
Fully Pumped System with 1 Motored Open/Motored Close Valve
Fully Pumped System with 2 Motorised Valves
Fully Pumped System with 2 Motorised Valves and Pump Overrun
Fully Pumped System with 2 Motored Open/Motored Closed Valves
First Fix Cable Diagram - 2 motorized valves
Fully Pumped System with 3 Port Diverter Valve with hot water priority
Fully Pumped System with Mid Position Valve
Fully Pumped System with Mid Position Valve and Pump Overrun
First Fix Cable Diagram - Mid Position Valve
Unvented Cylinders and Mid Position Valves
Sealed Systems

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