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The City & Guilds Book 2 Electrical Installations for the Level 3 (PDF)

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About The Book 2 Electrical Installation:

Place of Publication: United Kingdom;
Pages: 943 pages;
Size: 22 Mb;
Written by Peter Tanner;
Release Date: February 4, 2019
Imprint: Hodder Education;
Language: English;


  • Acknowledgments
  • About the author
  • How to use this book
  • 1 Environmental technologies
  • Regulatory requirements relating to micro-renewable energy and water conservation technologies
  • Heat-producing micro-renewable energy technologies
  • Electricity-producing micro-renewable energy technologies
  • Micro-combined heat and power
  • Water conservation technologies
  • 2 Advanced scientific principles
  • Power generation and supply
  • Transformers
  • Electrical circuits, systems and equipment
  • Calculate unknown values in AC circuits
  • Power factor and the power triangle
  • Power factor correction
  • Neutral current in three-phase and neutral supplies
  • Voltage and current star- and delta-connected systems
  • Operating principles and applications of DC machines and AC motors
  • Operating principles of different electrical components
  • Application of electrical components in electrical systems
  • Electrical lighting systems
  • Principles and applications of electrical heating
  • 3 BS 7671: 2018 requirements for electrical installations
  • Whatis BS 7671: 2018 and how to use it
  • Part 1: Scope, Object and Fundamental Principles
  • Part 2: Definitions
  • Part 3: Assessment of General Characteristics
  • Part 4: Protection for Safety
  • Part 5: Selection and Erection
  • Part 6: Inspection and Testing
  • Part 7: Special Installations or Locations
  • Appendices
  • 4 Working on site
  • Information
  • Planning the work on site
  • Site restoration
  • 5 Electrical installation design
  • Supply characteristics
  • Circuits
  • Types of wiring system and methods of installation
  • Protective equipment
  • Circuit design procedure
  • Maximum demand and diversity
  • 6 Inspection, testing and commissioning electrical installations
  • Preparing for inspection and testing
  • The inspection process
  • Testing
  • 7 Electrical system fault diagnosis and rectification
  • Safety and regulatory requirements
  • Reporting and recording of fault diagnosis work
  • Fault diagnosis procedures
  • Fault rectification
  • Appendix 1: Introduction to the electrotechnical qualifications
  • Appendix 2: Next steps
  • Glossary
  • Common acronyms
  • Test your knowledge - answers

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