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Answers to CACHE Level 3 Early Years Educator for the Work-Based Learner (Word files)

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About the Answers

Corresponds to the current edition of the Textbook;
27 Word format files with Answers;
Size: 15 Mb;

These Answers to CACHE Level 3 Early Years Educator for the Work-Based Learner were prepared by a qualified author-a Private Day Nursery Manager with more than 9 years of experience in conducting training and evaluating students in the field of Early Years Education.

The author claims that this product (content) is of high quality and has fully passed the tests when studying the subject, writing tasks, and evaluating knowledge.

The answers are assessor verified for all the Units that are required.

According to the Terms & Conditions of this website, the author who posted this product declares that this product is his/her intellectual property, which was compiled and written by him personally.

The author declares that he/she is a fully qualified Assessor-Tutor and has been for many years. The author declares that the copyright for this product belongs to him and the product cannot be copied or resold for profit.

These cover All Mandatory Units and Include:

Units Available for this course:
Unit 1.1 (L/505/9300) Support healthy lifestyles for children through the provision of food and nutrition
Unit 1.2 WB (A/505/9809) Promote healthy lifestyles for children through exercise
Unit 1.3 WB (M/505/9810) Support physical care routines for children  
Unit 1.4 WB (T/505/9811) Promote children’s emotional well-being
Unit 1.5 (A/505/9812) Understand how to support children who are unwell       
Unit 2.2 (F/505/9813) Understand legislation relating to the safeguarding, protection, and welfare of children
Unit 2.3 WB (J/505/9814) Follow legislation relating to the health and safety of children   
Unit 2.4 WB (L/505/9815) Follow legislation relating to equality, diversity, and inclusive practice
Unit 2.5 WB (R/505/9816) Working in partnership           
Unit 3.1 (Y/505/9817) Understand the value of play in early years           
Unit 3.2 WB (D/505/9818) Plan, lead and review play opportunities that support children’s learning and development               
Unit 3.4 WB (H/505/9819) Promote enabling play environments
Unit 3.5 WB (Y/505/9820) Developing children’s emergent literacy skills            
Unit 3.6 WB (D/505/9821) Developing children’s emergent mathematical skills
Unit 3.7 WB (H/505/9822) Support children’s transition to school           
Unit 3.9 WB (K/505/9823) Develop children’s cognitive skills    
Unit 3.10 WB (M/505/9824) Promote children’s speech, language, and communication
Unit 3.11 WB (A/505/9826) Promoting children’s physical development              
Unit 3.12 WB (T/505/9825) Promoting children’s personal, social and emotional development
Unit 3.13 (F/505/9827) Support children with additional needs
Unit 3.14 (J/505/9828) Use observation, assessment, and planning to promote the development of children     
Observation Templates + 2 Longitudinal studies for Unit 3.15
Unit 4.1 (F/505/9830) Engage in professional development    

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